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Free «Change to Electronic Documentation from the Old Documentation System» Essay Sample

King Faisal Specialist Hospital is one of the premier healthcare organizations in the Middle East providing the highest level of specialized healthcare in an integrated educational and research setting (Almihdar 2009). As a tertiary healthcare organization in modern world, it continues to strive for excellence. The need for change, especially in documentation, becomes critical issue and on other hand managing this change becomes essential for everyone. Planning for organization to understand the barrier or roadblocks presented within each department is observed to be essential (Xie 2006). As a physical therapy department in this organization, we are mandated to upgrade our technology consistent with similar premier healthcare institution. Recent change is the transition to electronic documentation from the old paper referral system.

The aim of this essay is to analyse the changes in the documentation process. First, we shall look at the key drivers and sources for the changes. Secondly, the essay will provide an overview of the selected changes and likely challenges. Moreover, the essay will provide an impacts evidence based analysis of the proposed and actual changes based on professional practices. Lastly, we shall critically analyse the proposed changes before providing necessary recommendation and conclusion remarks.



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Key Drivers and Sources for the Electronic Documentations Changes from the Old System

Several factors such as environmental sustainability of the city contribute to the changes. Currently, the king Faisal hospital receives the largest number of patients due to its specialized quality services; hence, changing the documentation system will help to save time. Secondly, the hospital aspires to provide efficient services and thus, automation of the clinical services, drug dispensing system (DDS), and computerization of the Nursing Staffing Schedule System will help to cut operations’ costs and improve service delivery (University Hospital Consortium 2003). Furthermore, the hospital management seeks the IT solutions in the documentation process to reduce fraud in service delivery departments.

Secondly, the hospital management observed that the output derived from the 8500 staff members can be improved through organizational changes where by automation of documentary system was listed as one of them. Secondly, the hospital is the leading health care facility provider in Middle East, hence, using up to date information was seen as move to supplement the experience and knowledge held by it (Goundrey-Smith 2012). We can note that the main sources of the changes was inefficiency, desire to cut operation costs, need to use up to date technology, especially in consultancy and advisory services, and lastly to save time.

Overview, Scope and Type and Challenges of the Documentation Changes Selected

Currently, the electronic documentation system replaces old system by employing several changes. The changes include Integration Clinical Information System (ICIS), Automated Drug Dispensing System (ADDS), Computerized Nurse Staffing and Scheduling System (CNSSS), and Operation Room Resource Management Documentation and Reporting System (ORRMDRS) (Booth 2009).The scopes of all these changes are to ensure efficiency in consultancy and advisory health care services to the customers.

Moreover, the changes noted in the documentaries may help to save time, reduce cost and retain customer satisfaction. However, several challenges face the electronic documentation process in the hospital. First, the system has inadequate IT Saudi health professionals hence it has to outsource proficient e-health experts. The inevitable results are delay and high costs of automation. Secondly, the electronic documentation process face limited financial resources. The royal family has been linked to financing the automation process. The family of King Faisal resides near the hospital and thus it has to finance the namesake hospital. Moreover, the automation process has not received full support from all management staff, hence, a bottleneck in succession of the electronic documentation process. Some of the old documentation system information got lost or misplaced; hence, the challenge to trace it may lead to the automation process carried out inefficiently (Arthur 2001).

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Evidence Based Analysis of Proposed or Actual Changes on Professional Practices

Since introduction of electronic documentation, the national health care efficiency revealed that safe medication and optimized therapeutic outcome has improved from 50% in 2007 to 72% in 2010 (Rubin 2012).Moreover, the intensive care pharmacists reported that their documentation interventions improved by 86% from 74% in 2007 (Kurfess 2012).The management responsibilities seem to improve and customer satisfactions retained. However, the nursing department automation systems need to be implemented given that the number of patients serviced by the hospital from the neighbouring countries increase daily (Booth 2009). The multi user PC and web based applications implemented in 2004-2005, helped the pharmacists and other medical practitioners to save time, reduce operation costs and enhance consistent in service delivery (Langstrom 2005).

Critical Analysis of the Proposed Change / Recommendations for the Change

The electronic documentation process particularly in nursing and pharmacy department will help to improve nursing and health care advisory services to the patients (Sanderson 2009). The hospital believes that patients care is essential and thus the efficiency in health care services is their priority. Various progresses have been achieved in pharmacy department and the hospital needs to implement the other projects. However, the hospital has been advised to teach nurses about the correct documenting process, backup system, and other hospital health information systems.

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The King Faisal Hospital serves a large population across the Middle East. In order to meet the high demand and improve health care service delivery, the hospital must be ready to implement the various electronic documentation changes as outlined above. Moreover, it has to train the nurses and other health care specialists in the hospital concerning the dynamic computer usage.


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