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The role of a master’s prepared nurse is much more than the name itself suggests. The role goes beyond providing health care services to the general public. Other roles include a researcher, a collaborator, a clinician, a consultant and a change agent among others. This paper details the role of a master’s prepared nurse in various categories of roles.


Nursing concerns are apparent in the nurse’s day-to-day work. This calls for extensive research in order to provide answers and consequently provide quality health care to the patients (Vallano, 2008). A nurse should conduct researches from time to time as health care issues arise. As a researcher, a nurse should identify areas that need a research, conduct the field research and present the findings and recommendations for implementation to the relevant body (Allen, 2002).


The nurse should work effectively with other health care providers in order to achieve optimal health care. In addition to working as a team, they should extend the collaboration efforts to involve patients and their families. This way, everyone benefits from health programs following optimal health care, scholarships and education.



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A clinician usually has direct contact with patients during provision of health care services. This includes tasks such as performing physical examinations, prescribing and administering drugs, performing therapies, conducting X rays and dressing wounds among others (Allen, 2002). These are vital tasks that impact directly on the health of a patient and the nurse should conduct them in a professional manner.

Consumer advocate

The nurse should point out any health issues in the consumer’s world. This includes consumer products with toxic levels of chemicals. It is the responsibility of the nurse to advise consumers and file complaints to the relevant authorities. The nurses should notify the manufacturers of such products of the health effects of their products, with advice on the recommended levels of the given chemicals. The nurse should take the legal action if the level in the products persists.

Manager of systems

This is an advanced role of nurses in the provision of health care. The nurse should utilize the management skills acquired in assuming leadership and performing efficiently in health care organizations (Beaufort B. Longest, 2008). The nurse should be able to manage the delivery of health care in a health care setting. 


The nurse should offer his or her services to other health care providers who request help in attending to a patient. Furthermore, he or she should offer consultation services to the patients. Such consultation sessions should be held in a friendly manner, and the nurse should use a language that the patient can easily comprehend.

Change agent

According to Allen (2008), this role is to a certain extent embedded in the manager of the systems role. The nurse should use the acquired skills in order to identify areas in the field that require changes and spearhead the change (Dreher & Glasgow, 2010). Here, the nurse should be competent in areas such as scholarly inquiry, collaboration, effective communication and leadership in addition to the role of specific skills. The nurse is also to be prepared to assume roles emerging from the change.

Improving health care delivery and outcomes

The nurse should work with other health care providers in order to achieve optimal health care. This involves collaborating with other clinicians, patients and their families in order to develop an efficient health care system (Hassmiller, 2010). The nurses consider suggestions from the public and incorporate continuous researches into delivery of the quality health care.

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Negotiator skills

The nurse should act as a negotiator, especially in issues of consumer’s health care. He or she should identify any harmful consumer products and approach the manufacturer on behalf of consumers. He or she should also mediate and solve disputes between health care providers or a patient and a health care provider.

A master’s prepared nurse goes into health care system ready to perform a broad range of roles and responsibilities. All these responsibilities are related and equally significant. The master’s program prepares the nurse to implement roles pertaining to the researcher, educator, collaborator, manager and agent of change towards the goal of providing quality health care to the public. 


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