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Question Yes No 1. Has the expiration date expired? No

2. Has the kit been exposed to extreme heat or cold? No---------------------

3. Are the directions for using the kit and chemicals clear to you? Yes

4. Have you read and do you understand the special precautions, if any? Yes-------------------------

5. Did you follow the directions exactly as staled? Yes--------------------

6. Did you time the test accurately and precisely as instructed? Yes

7. Do you understand what the test kit is intended to find? Yes------------------------

8. Do you know what to do when you obtain the results, whether they are positive or negative? Yes

9. Do you know whom to contact to follow up with the results of the test? Yes-------------------------

10. Do you know where to get help administering the test if you are unsure about the directions? Yes

The medical field has actual a lot of ideas and regulations that the patients must acquit themselves with on regular basis. The assignment has highlighted on various rules and policies that one needs to abide with while undertaking a prescription by a doctor. During my study time on the above assignment, I have been able to gain much as I have acquired much knowledge in the wider area relating to treatment tips on a patient (Edlin & Golanty, 2010). I have learned on how to obtain both positive or negative results and the procedure of post analysis of the result. I had the opportunity of understanding where to get the necessary administration on any given test. My previous knowledge on handling of drugs and kit have been boosted by the assignment as I have gained more knowledge on modern means of dealing with them.
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Yes No

  1. Do you alert all your physicians to all medications you are currently taking? Yes
  2. 2. Refuse to share your medications with friends and family? Yes
  3. 3. Store medication properly and away from light, heat, and moisture? Yes
  4. Use nonmedical treatment for occasional illnesses? No
  5. Review with your physician any medications used on a long-term basis? Yes
  6. 6. Dispose of any medications that are expired or that you are no longer using? Yes

Through the assignment, I have been able to gain more ideas as I was not much familiar with the usage of the nonmedical treatment commonly used for curing of occasional illnesses (Edlin & Golanty, 2010). The ideas of discussing with your physician issues relating your long term medication is another ideas that was not much familiar with it but have been able to understand it properly. However, I was familiar with most of the other safety tips as I have been practicing them on regular basis with the aid of my physician. I have previously alerted my doctor on all the medications prescribed to me at any visit to a health centre. The sharing of medication, storage and disposal tips are among my first tips that I acquired at an early stage in life and have kept them to the latter. Generally, having prior knowledge about all the requirements and necessary tips about your overall health is an import idea and each person must learn and abide by them at all times.


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