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Free «Healthcare System: Iceland» Essay Sample

Explain a brief history of Iceland’s Healthcare Deliver System. When did it Began? How did it evolve?

At the start of the last century, health insurance funds were started across Iceland. In 1936, they were confirmed by the law. Therefore, they became a component of the welfare system. The significance of these funds was decreased in 1972. That year funding through taxation was introduced. In 1989, they (the funds) were eliminated. Towards the end of that year, their roles were assumed by SSSI (State Social Security Institute). In Iceland, the earliest healthcare centre was launched some 37 years ago. Throughout the Nineteenth Seventy’s (1970’s) and the early years of the next decade, the key emphasis was on health care centers in two main areas. They include rural and sparingly populated regions. In 1974, the Healthcare Act came into effect in. That Act allows inhabitants of this country with entry to the most excellent health services at any particular time (Global Surance). As of 2002, there were three categories of healthcare centers. The first category is 38 centers. The centers employed at least two doctors. The second category is 18 centers. They were operated by at least one doctor. In the third category, there were 28 centers. They were characterized by the presence of a nurse with a doctor coming in for usual consultations (Healthcare System in Transition). Presently, the system mainly comprises public managed healthcare facilities. Importantly, these facilities are offered by the State.



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Explain how this system works, what is required of the patient?

The health insurance in this country is offered through SSSI. The insurance permits Icelandic citizens to several benefits. They include hospital treatment, ambulance services and dental treatment. Other benefits are emergency medical care, surgical treatment and maternity care.  It (the insurance) covers the cost of medical equipment. In addition, contributors to the insurance scheme may have entry to healthcare outside the country’s healthcare system. A citizen who has not yet secured employment is additionally entitled to healthcare services. In Iceland, human females as well as expectant mothers obtains every preventive service without parting with any money.  Medicine and prescription medicines can be offered to the sick via the public healthcare scheme/system. However, this depends on situation and a citizen’s reputation in the community. Medicines for acute diseases and life-threatening ones are refunded to the sick. Just to give two examples of acute diseases, they include cancer and diabetes. Normally, the State sets the fees needed for sick people who are entitled to healthcare services. As far as in-patient treatments are concerned, there are no fees required. With regard to the dental care, any person below the age of 18 is subsidized by the government. However, there is no subsidization of dental care for this category of people if care involved is determined to be advanced. There are 2 classes of people who are entitled to free dental care (Travelnet.is). They include pensioners and physically and mentally challenged persons suffering from severe dental problems.

Discuss who funds this healthcare delivery system. Also, find some information on how the citizens of your county feel about the healthcare system. Do they like it?

About four-fifths of the funding for the healthcare system in this country comes from the government budget. Also, part of this portion may come indirectly via SSSI. The State generates most of its income from individual and business taxes. Another source of tax for the Icelandic government is the VTA (Value Added Tax) on goods and services. Between 0.15 to one-fifth of the healthcare funding is generated from direct household payments (Global Surance). Specifically, this funding mostly covers part of payments for several services. Among them are specialist consultations and contributory payments being made to medicine providers (pharmaceuticals). Other services include outpatient operations and dental care.

Citizens of Iceland are very proud of their healthcare delivery system. They say that it is properly structured and thus one of the best in the globe/world. This is because most of the operations mentioned above are free not only to them but also foreigners. Also, they have indicated that their government gives first priority to health matters, including insurance. According to them, obtaining health services at the health institutions only needs a small amount of money (Ifmas).

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Imagine that you live in the country that you have chosen. How would you feel about being a patient under the country’s healthcare system? Why?

According to me, being a patient in Iceland was a good experience. This is because every measure was taken to make sure that I recovered quickly. There are special hospitals in which operations are performed. Also, general check-up specialists are employed in each health institution to offer patients with every vital treatment. Generally, each hospital in Iceland has the best standards of medical care (Maps of World. Com). 


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