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Plasmodium is the parasite which infects the red blood cells and causes the infectious disease known as Malaria. The cycle of the Plasmodium or Malaria Parasite is a complicated one. Malaria is spread into humans when an infected female mosquito bites someone and injects the parasite into the red blood cells.

The main symptoms of Malaria comprise of fever with flu, headache or even muscle aches and chills. Many people have diarrhea, cough, vomiting and nausea. Fever and Chills tend to repeat after a couple of days. Sometime excessive coughing, diarrhea, vomit and even jaundice may occur due to the damage of the liver and red blood cells. Malaria which is mild can be treated with some prescribed medication where as severe malaria requires treatment at the hospital. Many people who are infected with the mild malaria tend to do well after 4-5 days because of the medication but in places where Malaria is common there is a possibility of reoccurrence.

Malaria which is severe when treated may not be fully treated because it all depends on the reaction of the parasites to the medication. People who not get treated often die. Currently nearly more than 2 million people die because of Malaria worldwide. Infants under the age of five in African countries are the most affected. Nearly more than 400 million cases are registered for malaria in the world. Many of the US citizens diagnosed with malaria happen to be traveling outside the country to places where malaria is common.In order to prevent Malaria, people need to consult a doctor as soon as a person is having severe fever. When traveling, travelers should be aware of the medicine they take when going to country where malaria is common. Although a mosquito can bite at any time of the day but it is important to be aware of the peak time of the mosquito bites which carries malaria is usually dawn and dusk. Avoid going out in the open at these times. It is essential to wear appropriate clothing as long sleeves shirts and shoes can keep you away from mosquito bites. Apply repellents when sleeping because that is the best way to be safe from a mosquito bite.


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