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Protein in my diet was mainly obtained from milk, chocolate, soybeans and cheese, while carbohydrates were obtained from bananas, wheat through spaghetti and rice. Further, fats were obtained from avocados, cocoa butter and soybean.

My fat intake at the end of the three days was 676 kCal compared to the recommended 557 - 975 kcal, proteins were 387 kCal and carbohydrates was 1605 kCal. The recommended intake was supposed to be between 278.6 kCal and 975.1 kCal for proteins and between 1253 kCal and 1810 kCal for carbohydrates. This means that I took the correct amount of fats and proteins, but there was a higher intake of carbohydrates. Further, the quantities of the correct quantities tended towards the lower bracket. In order to reduce the quantities of starch, and slightly increase the amounts of proteins and lipids, I would reduce the spaghetti, and then increase the quantity of soya beans.

Soybeans and cheese are complete proteins (Jump, 2008). These kind of proteins provide all the nine essential amino acids to the body in the correct proportions. The complete and all round proteins are important in ensuring that the biological functions in the body are uninterrupted and hence the body remains healthy. The importance of taking the complete proteins can therefore not be overlooked for people who wish to remain healthy (Wilkinson & McCargar, 2004).



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Taking the recommended macronutrients in the correct proportions as recommended by experts is very important (Jump, 2008). This is because when the recommended figures are not adhered to, they lead to an increase in the possibility that the person taking the food would develop health problems (Wilkinson & McCargar, 2004). Such problems include obesity and a general unhealthy appearance. It also increases the possibility of heart diseases. Too much of a macronutrient would lead to inhibition if body processes while too little would translate into deficiencies (Katz, & Gonzales, 2004). Taking too little protein consistently results into slow metabolism, poor calcium absorption and irregular sugar levels in the blood. Very few carbohydrates taken over a long period leads to kidney stones and increased possibilities of heart diseases (Katz, & Gonzales, 2004). It also leads to decreased body energy and difficulties in digestion, leading to fatigue and constipation. Finally, persistent die with too little fats could result into poor cell formation, poor body processes, loss of energy and lower levels of blood DHL (Wilkinson & McCargar, 2004). This could cause cardiovascular mishaps and could result into stroke.

The recommended fibre intake should be 37 g. By taking half an avocado, brown rice, spaghetti, it added up to less than 20 g. This was completely insufficient for the body requirements. Since the recommended amount was supposed to be 37 g, half an avocado would provide 3.4 g while brown rice would provide 1.4 g. Spaghetti would eventually add the small figure by about 8.1 g leading to a total of 12.4 g. This would be a very low fibre in the body.

As earlier mentioned, my diet is by far lacking in fibre content and it can be attributed to the fact that I have had poor breakfasts with only milk. This meal would require a reconsideration and supplemented with vegetables and cereals such as weetabix and 12 tablespoons of all bran which add up to over 24 g. This, with a few vegetables during lunch and supper would take the levels of fibre to the required levels. Currently, avocado provides me with the highest fibre while milk provides the least. More fibre is needed in my diet because there are less in all the three meals and the total fibre in the daily meals is far less than the recommended figure of 37 g.

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I have noted a vague but significant trend in my daily diet. My breakfast is very unhealthy with just a few proteins and no carbohydrates or fibre. Lunch is better off but it lacks enough proteins and a wide variety for the fibre provider. Supper is fairly balanced. This is not a healthy trend because only one meal is almost balanced, calling for better measures to be taken to ensure that all the meals are well taken and are all balanced or fully complement each other.

My diet is lacking in fibre especially in the morning. I would increase the quantity of vegetables during lunch hour, while introducing meat in order to get a wide variety of complete proteins. Then, I need to introduce more bean variety as well as cereals to increase fibre and carbohydrates in a proportional way.

There are insufficient bean dishes in my meals and that calls for a revision of the composition. Chilli and bean in salad may be required as well as split-pea soup. All these are currently lacking in my meals and they should be introduced. If not, their substitutes should be introduced.

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Drinking fruit juice is different from eating a whole fruit. This is because the process of blending the juice might harm the necessary structure of the fibres, in many cases destroying them. In the long run, the fibre structure lacks in the fruit juice. It is therefore recommended that a whole fruit be taken ahead of the juice from the same fruit to obtain the fibre. On the other hand, different juices behave differently with their calorie content. Some lose some calories while others get a better breakdown and eventually more calories exposed for the absorption of the body. Poor nutrition leads to unhealthy and ailing population and some of nutritional diseases include obesity, diabetes, heart diseases among others (Jump, 2008). Extreme cases lead to kwashiorkor and marasmus.


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