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Free «Autism Outreach Healthy Eating and Active Living Program Plan in Rural Canada» Essay Sample

Healthy Eating is a topic greatly discussed in community health care in relation to prevention of diet related diseases and complications. I have chosen to suggest implementation of the Health Eating and active program since; it forms the basis for preventing obesity and other chronic diseases affecting majority of Canadians. This preventive initiative aims at educating citizens on healthy eating habits to prevent these chronic diseases. It will also provide Canadians with dietary information, tools and resources that will promote them to adopt healthy eating by providing them with more options of accessing proper nutrition care. This at the same time will encourage change in lifestyle behaviors to reduce effects of unhealthy eating (VDH, 2013).

To ensure this, I would advise for Eating for Heath Model that will hence my Healthy Eating and Active living to be readily accepted by different stakeholders and financiers. Eating for health Model was invented by Dr. Ed Bauman. This model forms a comprehensive approach in educating on how to eat and enjoy diverse diets obtained from plants with a wide variety of nutrients. This model heavily relies on the healthy foods that promote illness and injury recovery while considering healthy living. This nutritional model states that our cellular health is determined basically on the food we consume. He says that healthy eating creates a good impression to ones DNA’s cells while poor dietary foods cause negatives effects to the same. Eating for healthy living also supports sustainable agriculture and discouragement of non-GMO crops. This model explains why a person on plant dietary is likely to live healthier to one having animal products which are contained in substantial amounts in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seed grains and legumes. Eating for Health Model thus becomes the best key facilitator of my program towards Canadians (Bauman, 2013).



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The Healthy Eating and Active Living Program prevent obesity and chronic diseases through; it will aim at providing citizens with a wide range of nutritional access that promotes healthy eating. At the same time, it will reinforce positive lifestyles and behaviors through evidence based practices, partnerships with; education systems, communities and entire medical professionals to ensure that the allocated resources are fully utilized for better quality life. The healthy eating and living decreases risk of having diabetes, heart diseases complications, hypertension, some cancer types, and overweight diabetes cases. Active living involves physical activities protecting one from risky diseases, helps to control weights, and improves one muscle strength, bones and joints. This combination of Healthy Eating and active living will help he Canadian fraternity to have better lifestyle achieving optimal lifespan of entire family care. This provides quality health care in all stages of life (VDH, 2013).

Healthy Eating and active living ought to be facilitated as they form the basis of the community health care. Since this affects the health status of all ages in the entire society, eating habits should be well addressed to ensure positive lifestyles. This has called for synergies among every person to ensure the health eating lifestyle plan policies are implemented. This problem can be addressed by addressing opportunities needed for healthy living improvements.

This program will allow every citizen to understand the contribution of food and nutrients based standards which have been established by the global world heath care organization to ensure healthy and active living. This intervention basically centers in concentration on early childhood to adolescence. This is because the two groups are more prone to poor eating habits which could lead to adverse effects of being overweight’s. schools forms the best channels to address this issue since it forms a direct channel of reaching to massive number of people who includes youths, families, community members and staff fraternity of the educational institution (WHO, 1998).

The improvement of children lifestyles towards the community health care will rely on action carried out in their educational settings. The educational institutional should be mandated to encourage their students to prioritize on healthy eating , design and implement Healthy Eating Lifestyle Plans (HELP, 2007). Based on the Health Eating and Active Program conducted by Virginia Department of Health, evidence based interventions have been used to curb increased among the entire community. Community led initiatives have been formulated to collaborate with Local health districts, community organizations, healthy living stakeholders to ensure that Virginia citizens make choices on how they want to live, work and play considering evidence based practices of the health care.

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Some positive Health and active living have been implemented in school based curriculums, community led interventions, early childcare initiatives, training of Webinars and technical assistance to ensure positive living in the entire society. The school based project uses VDH funds in implementation of the “Welnet” Application (well based application). The body fitness of the students is determined by their body mass (BMI) forming ‘Five for life’ evidence based physical education. The students form the main target group of the program. Community led intervention also helps in supporting the VDH in implementation of evidence based healthy eating and active living. This has helped to reduce obesity cases that arise due to poor eating habits in the Virginia society. This intervention is funded by different stakeholders’ who provides technical assistance in planning, implementation and evaluation of this project. An early childcare initiative ensures healthy living thus the focus for the project. This initiative is aimed at preventing obesity cases among children through employment of Nutrition and Physical self-assessment needed for the childcare. The self- assessment is aimed at improving nutrition and physical practices and policies required in the childcare setting towards positive outcomes. Trainings and webinars of obesity due to poor health living are done. Workplace wellness is ensured through prevention of obesity and support of breastfeeding mothers in the work places. Tobacco control within the society is addressed to enhance Healthy Living which has been successfully been implemented in public places, workplaces, public institutions, public housing to facilitate healthy eating choices over the holiday season. This strategy has been used to improve students and youths nutrition improvement when at school, after school programs and as well as at home. This has been enhanced through provision of technical assistance through different coalitions. The VDH educational resources and technical support have been a key component to enhancement of community based health assessment. Strategic healthy living, its evaluation and grant writings.

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Rationale = 5 marks Prepare a rationale lobbying for endorsement or approval

For the Healthy Eating and Active Living project, I would try to seek financial support from International Health Promotion Foundation (HPF) which has been over the years played a key role in funding health related projects. Health Promotion Foundation has been providing financial support and other needed resources to the emerging health care groups. The Health Promotion Foundation aims at creating partnership and also advocates for creating and maintaining health environments that encourages individual behavior. He HP Foundations or INHPF funding is strictly to any other country except where it was founded. Canada thus qualifies (HPF, 2010).

The Healthy Eating and Active Living Program Plan in Rural Canada should first involve variety of stakeholders before it implemented. Otherwise there will be likelihood of failure due to resistance to change. Eating for Life model implementation must be communicated to the entire Canada rural dweller. This is because; the project must create awareness of them to change. The aims of the projects must be well communicated to the public for it to gain support and attract other potential stakeholders. The public knowledge must be encouraged to participate by being provided with information about nutrition and food composition. The potential stakeholders if made to agree about this cause of promoting consumer friendly messages on positive health care will facilitate promotional programs that will result to general healthy living education (Eat Well Australia, 2001).

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The health sector must be involved especially because the government is the one that makes laws and regulates that regulates the entire health sector. The government becomes a policy maker that can either promote or discourage this program hence ought to be involved. This partnership will be strategic as the government will provide information support to the program. This welcomes consensus building between the government and other non- governmental organizations in better nutrition promotion (Eat Well Australia, 2001).

Potential partners ought to be involved during this implementation since it will make clear awareness and support to encourage them give a hand. The program involving potential stakeholders will seek to promote its clarity and consistency in their nutritional messages that will target to inform and empower the Canadian Rural dwellers.

In this program, I would not involve political party members who are likely to jeopardize the program interests for the sake of their self-interests. Towards this concern, I would consider using the professional neutral community members to facilitate the project implementation. This will be a boosting block as people will easily accept the project in which some of its members are participating in it. They will have positive mind that the project is for their key benefit (Eat Well Australia, 2001). Collaboration with different stakeholder allows making of a quality decision that is people- centered, evidence based, accountable, sustainable and which considers equity among all stakeholders (Minnesota Department of Health, 2013).

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Explain your intervention strategy to address the health problem (ie. details of your program), including the goals and objectives, the theoretical basis underlying the different elements you’ve included in the design.

This program and design implementation shall follow the content of its design into the effectiveness that was intended. Precise planning will be crucial which will be followed by implementation plan. This will be in accordance to the Centre of Planned Approach to community Health (PATCH) Program which emerged in 1983 as a result for Center for Disease Prevention (CDC) where the finance distribution will be based on a categorical block. This will allow the community to be served to be allocated support and involve them in leadership of the program. Community members will be free to determine their health problems making the Program set goals and objectives as the community desires. The program will also be mandated to evaluating and carrying out interventions. This will create total awareness, lifestyle change and supportive environment towards the desired change (Minnesota Department of Health, 2013).

Autism Outreach Healthy Eating and Active Living Program Plan in Rural Canada goals will be changing Canadians food eating habits and lifestyles to enhance positive outcomes. The program committee aims at achieving health and nutritional goals target towards healthy living especially in rural areas. This will prevent poor nourishment of health in a land of plenty resources and talents (C. King, 2007). The project would also support all measures to allow individuals in the society achieve nutritional wellbeing through promotion of healthy eating and physical activity practices. These measures will include adequate food supply that allows access to appropriate nutrient and program so that vulnerable cases of unhealthy living could be addressed. The program would also promote development measures that will enhance production, marketing and distribution of healthy foods to promote healthy eating habits. The program will target food safety through use of environmental and economic sustainable practices. This will automatically to ultimate goal of food and nutrition research measures to provide credible sufficient information and accurate data for better enhanced nutritional wellbeing, healthy eating practices accompanied by physical activities (Newfoundland Labrador, 2006).

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Autism Outreach Healthy Eating and Active Living Program Plan in Rural Canada will aim at attaining healthcare provision through health care living and active positive living. This follows reviews that many people globally are affected by quickly emerging growing number of Coronary heart disease and diabetes (Department of Health, 2000). This will target children whose weights controls can be used to prevent emerging chronic diseases in their later life. This will encourage them to do regular physical exercises and healthy eating from their early ages. This will impact positively on their lives increasing their life expectancy in their adulthood. This is a real justification of the Program investment. The project will still aim at promoting ill health of all individuals through introduction of programs that will increase fruit and vegetables consumption through increased health benefits awareness which will be adopted from the government (Ellis et al, 2005)

Gantt Chart, Budget, and Sample Marketing / Intervention Materials = 10 marks

The program will invest employ an intervention measure that will checklist the program progress on community health care environment, resources utilization and the emerging gaps in regard to promoting and supporting; physical activities, Healthy eating and healthy weight and also smoke-free environments and tobacco free lifestyles. This design will be provided online to provide a channel for interactions and other communities that would be interested by the initial project. This program will be check listed where the data collected should be fetched from different sections. These includes from community strategist and planners, worksites, schools, restaurant and grocery stores, community resources and programs, health providers and media. The last section 8 of intervention will allow this program to follow the general community as they offer technical assistance in health communities programs and strategies. This will help the program understand health resources required (Virginia Healthy Communities Checklist, 2007).

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Identify the types of evaluation you will be doing to assess the processes, impacts, and possibly the outcomes of your Intervention

Following the successful implementation of the Project plan, people will have adopted healthy living and active lifestyle. They will have increased vegetable consumption and also, an increase in their activity levels will be noted. This can be hard to determine in some cases making it hard to measure how successful was the project. The project will be able to revise its targets to see if they have taken a new course. The evaluation plan in the long run should be able to record decrease in mortality rates, decrease in obesity cases levels, increase in fruits and vegetables consumption and increase in physical activities in all groups. This will increase the population of that locality due to healthier dietaries.

This can be evaluated on the Walsall NDC study that was conducted in Southampton’s where obesity levels cases reduced by 30%, fruits and vegetables consumption increased by 10% and physical activities of people increased by 15%. The feedback of this information will mainly target the entire public and all the stakeholders interested in the healthy lifestyle (Elis et al, 2005).

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This project is likely to be challenged by unavoidable crucial circumstances during its implementation. There could be vulnerable children and youths that can’t access adequate and nutrient food for health living. Developing healthy eating habits also becomes a challenge as food insecurity in Canada poses a great threat to many people. Also food school healthy implementation still remains a challenge yet to be overcome. The fact that education curriculum syllabus not being recently reviewed has posed a major challenge to the healthy eating and active living. Also poverty related issues remains a challenge to the government towards implementation of healthy lifestyles (Newfoundland Labrador, 2006). This project will also be faced by opposition of those who performs unethical marketing of against the ICC framework the Consolidated Code od advertising and market communication act. Some people performing unhealthy living operation will complain that the project is ruining their businesses. This has occurred in Sweden food and retail sector. This now becomes an issue of ethical concern (Tillbaka, 2009)


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