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Title: Statue of Demedji and Hennutsen

Date: ca. 2465-2438 BC

Artist: Made by unknown artist during the times of the fifth Dynasty, Old Kingdom

Dimensions: Demedji H. 83 cm (32 11/16 in); w. 50.8 cm ( 20 in); d. 51 cm (20 1/16 in) Height of Hennutsen 70 cm (27 9/16 in) weight: 113.4–136.1 kg (250–300 lbs.)

This is a statue of a husband Demedji and his wife Hennutsen which was made by unknown artist during the Dynasty 5 of the Old Kingdom in Egypt. Demedji was carrying out military functions being an overseer of the king’s fortresses, king’s estate manager, overseer to the herdsmen of the cattle, and also the overseer of the regions of the foreign bown. His wife Hennutsen was a priestess of Neith and Hathor who were well-known goddesses. The artwork is currently on the display in galley number 103 with its accession number being 51.37. In the statue, Demedji is standing approximately 33 inches tall and his wife Hennutsen – 27 inches. The statue is made of limestone and is dedicated by their son named Ti who was an overseer of marshes during the Fifth Dynasty, Old Kingdom (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1951).


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Both the man’s and the woman’s bodies in this statue are well-shaped though the woman’s head is somewhat offset to her right with her arms being longer than usual. It is also unrealistic that the man could be twice taller than the woman when standing in this piece. The disparity in size may be used to demonstrate the difference between a man’s role in the society and that of a woman (McGill, 2010). The statue also shows that there is no romance since they are staring straight ahead without touching each other. Additionally, it is ironical that the man is sitting while the woman is standing which is contrary to the western custom (McGill, 2010). 


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