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Identity is generally termed as a stable defining attribute of an entity which makes then an individual. For one to have a sound sense of identity they need to have a thorough awareness of oneself which include individual traits, preferences, though patters, strengths and limitation. (Samkian, 2007 pg 157). People need to understand in which ways they are similar or differ from others in order to know their identity. Construction of identity is mainly focused on psychological development in the period of late teen and adolescent years. During this period about all teens and adolescents are in high school and this implies that high school plays a very significant role in construction of identity. Consequently according to psychologist Erik Erikson establishment of an apparent and more committed sense of individual identity is the principal overwhelming developmental task of this period.

How Groups in High School Shape Students Identities

Identity can be influenced and shaped by groups of people that are able to identify an individual with particular friends, groups and customs. Different people have particular behaviors, dress style and vocabularies. Therefore people have the tendency to adopt a group and act in line with their way of life. Identities constantly change depending of the group and situation ( Jenlink,and Townes.2009 pg 133). In high school students like to split themselves in small cliques where they they act in a similar way, dress and even behave. They have a remarkable conformity in the hairstyles, accessories and voices. These students identify themselves with others who have similar interests and behavior. Therefore they end up splitting themselves from the rest of students that have different interests and behaviors.



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When looking at identities high school is a very good place to start with. The few years that an individual spends in high school mold how people want to be seen and where they plan to take their life.  One is likely associate with friends acquired in high school through their life. The decisions that one makes to select their friends shape their identity during that moment and partly in their future. However what we need to understand in how life in high school influence and shape our identity.

There is a wide variety of description for various groups in high school and this include ethnic group, race, cliques, social groups and many others depending on the choice of description which does not really matter. The most important thing concerning these groups is that they shape our identity.  Activities in Students in high school engage in are mainly influenced by one main reason which is that mainly based on gaining popularity. Being a popular means how these students want to be viewed and this is the identity that they want the people to see that they have. They form identity with one main agenda in their life which is that they want the world to view them as wealthy and prosperous. Activities which students engage in the process of gaining their identity usually affect their future lives. Therefore individual identity is mainly shaped by the decisions that students make in high school. However this implies that what people see as a person identity may not really be who they as but basically what other people want to see them.

High schools have been identified as being very wealthy in identity promoting features that add to the development of student’s identity. This is mainly due to the fact that students perceive their teachers as caring role models. Consequently their schools cultivate and foster exploration of students which boost their confidence about the development of their identity in future. This enable students develop a positive identity as a result of will perceived positive social climate and an experience of meaningful learning environment. However the care of teachers has minimal effect on how various groups in high school develop their identity.  The needs that shape students identity development vary over their high school career.

Various experiences in high school challenge individuals in facing issues of identity. Students in many occasions are faced with dilemma of deciding the best way to stay true to ne self, who decides whom they are,? Is it the teachers, friends or their parents? Student identities are unstable, hanging from one context to another. This is mainly determined by school structures involving disciplinary policies and tracking which play very vital role in the development of identities that are line with academic engagement. High school level practices that students identify themselves with largely determine individual perception, social interaction, attitudes toward learning activities specifically with regard to race and ethnicity.

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Identity is shaped by relationships which include the family and friends that we one interacts with during school life. The groups that one interacts with in high school manage to shape identity since they tell one what is good about them what they can or cannot do. These groups dictate political beliefs, social beliefs and the overall view of life(Samkian,2007 pg 157). Students learn different things from each other. Students spend most of their time in these groups and end up adopting a lot of things from each other. Some of the adopted the adopted things include traits some of which are good or bad.

The need to find identity is an intrinsic motivation in every body to acquire a sense of acceptance and value in the society. Therefore sacrifices and finding the middle ground have to be made regardless of whether persons are intending to compromise anything in an effort to belong to a particular group ( Jenlink,& Townes.2009 pg 143). These separated groups make individuals have a sense of security by dissociating themselves from every one else so as to minimize the chances of being discriminated against.

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Identity is an important aspect that defines human and individual society. An individual’s identity very significant since it describes a lot about a person and their origin. A person’s life can be in complete disorder without identity. Consequently identity can be described as an active engagement that can be used to identify a person with a specific group, custom and choice whereby having personal identities makes an individual unique.

During adolescents and teenage period, either in school or religious situation, everything becomes a whole lot more complex when it comes acquiring a sense of belonging. In the process of identity construction many individuals mostly find themselves in circumstances where they are willing to give up something valuable in an effort to find belonging from anything minimal as a valued objet to something important as part of their own identity.


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