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Free «Empire of the Sun» Essay Sample

Empire of the Sun

1. Which region of the world was Jim born and raised in and how did that influence him?

Jim Graham hailed from a privileged emigrant family residing in Shanghai, China, on the eve of the Japanese assault on Pearl Harbor. Jim was spellbound with the approaching war and praised Japan’s military force

2. What type of 20th century technology is Jim most interested in, and why?

He was fascinated by airplanes which proved to be Jim’s replacement for parents, fetishes and his gods. They were his definitive embodiments of authority.

3.  How exactly was Jim separated from his parents?

Near the beginning of 1942, in the middle of the disorder of the initial days of Japanese assaults on the Americans and British residing in Shanghai, Jim got separated from his parents. Little Jim was unable to find his way as, in the frantic terror of getting away from Shanghai, he held on to his valuable model airplane instead of reaching out to his mother's hand for his precious life.



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4. After leaving his home (permanently), Jim goes into the city and does what when he encounters Japanese soldiers?

Jim reached to dashed commercial boats in Shanghai’s port. There, he got to meet a couple of American trading seamen who were attempting to steer clear of capture like Jim. Basie who was a cabin steward on commuter ships, showed interest in Jim who supplied Jim with provisions and protection. But in reality, Basie wanted to sell him to the highest bidder.

Japanese soldiers encountered Jim and his acquaintances and captured them. Jim was happy to run off from Basie and seemed to be safer with the Japanese. He was then sent to a detention center where, for three weeks, Jim slept beneath a concrete jut out over and got sick with a fever. He frequently lagged behind with the old and feeble prisoners. He presumed he will expire there.

5. What does Jim do to stop the Japanese sergeant (Nagata) from breaking the windows of the civilian camp’s hospital? What language skills does Jim demonstrate?

When the sergeant started to brutally and cruelly strike the doctor, Jim emerged shattering two windows and pleading Nagata in Japanese to stop his penalty, which he obliged. He used his Japanese linguistic abilities to stop him.

6. After Jim set the pheasant traps for Basie, he is invited to live in the dormitory of which nationality-group?

Jim was provided with his own breathing space in the American dorm, much to Frank's disappointment, who had to sacrifice a part of his individual space for the little unknown.

7. After the scene where U.S. planes assault the Japanese air base, what exactly did Jim say he could no longer “remember”?

He couldn’t remember what his parents looked like. He only remembered glimpses of his mother.

8. At the end of the film, what was the “new word today” that Jim said he learned?

 The new word he learnt was Atom bomb. Like God taking a picture.

9. At the end of the film, Basie offers Jim what before he drives away from the vacated civilian camp?

Basie offered him a fruit salad when Jim said the Japanese boy was giving him a mango.

10. Name and describe at least three examples of CQ (Cultural Intelligence) as displayed by Jim throughout the movie.

We observe that throughout the movie, Jim, shows his cultural intelligence through different cultures. He was the only European who was intelligent enough to recognize himself in the low spirits of the Japanese. Jim respected the Japanese and their culture, for all of their cruelty, because they were courageous and because their cruelty was not hateful.  The Chinese pretended to be slaves in danger but acted differently when safe. Jim was a blend of these cultures, as he was a good diplomat. Jim also attempted to live as relaxed as possible like the Americans, but he dared not attempt making the other Brits happy. Moreover he never showed that he was in pain. He never inquired did Mrs. Philips to assist him. This could be similar to the Japanese way of living. Also, he was willing to work as a slave like Chinese to save his life.


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