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As early as 1947, the republicans of congress warned about the threat to national security from the homosexuals working in State Department. In fact the media and public were more afraid of these “moral perverts” rather than Communist ideologies in the Government. The Republicans got a chance to weaken the Democratic dominance in Washington by pressurizing Congress to pursue the issue of homosexuals in Government.

According to the Hoey Committee’s final report, homosexuals presented a serious security risk. It further stated that homosexuals were unfit to work in any Government organization due to their weak moral.

This feeling against homosexual aggravated when Dwight Eisenhower won the presidency against Adlai Stevenson- a suspected homosexual. As soon as Eisenhower assumed office he replaced Truman’s security system with a system that laid more emphasis on general character & suitability. On the basis of security risks many federal workforce were removed. Hundreds of those fired were homosexuals.

In 1954 when Democrats replaced Congress, Eisenhower’s security system was majorly criticized because of its damaging effect on federal employees. In 1950s many homosexuals were dismissed due to their unsuitability and a large number of gays also lost their jobs in private

Over the time homosexuals used courts to challenge the federal government’s antigay security and employment policies. By 1975, the Civil Service Commission abandoned the policies against homosexual in government jobs and the “Lavender Scare” was finally over.

Due to legal protections given to homosexuals they are now able to live as a minority group in most of the nations across the globe.


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