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During the holiday I visited the Getty Museum where I enjoyed viewing historical arts and everything exhibited. In the company of my friends, I had to discuss everything and note all activities from one point to another. The day was enjoyable since I had never been in that museum before with the same friends. We enjoyed every bit and every part of the museum. Getty Museum is a great place to visit, because it has many things which help in education and professional growth.

Upon entering the museum I was afraid and not able to talk with anybody. I just looked around because I was confused. At the gates, security offices screened every person who entered it after they had paid for the pass ticket. The security officers searched my bag and my body then I was directed inside, where I met with the museum assistants and directors. They took us through the museum. After a few steps were made I got used and started asking question.

We entered a room where there were sculptures stored. There was a really huge sculpture of an elephant. I saw it for the first time, and I was about to run because it resembled the real animal. The assistant told me to take it easy because it was just a sculpture. However, it attracted me much. I came close and moved round to view each part of the sculpture Never before in my life had I seen a big sculpture of an elephant like that!

In the visit I liked the help and coordination in the museum. The assistants always provide good company for the people visiting the museum. The thing which I disliked in the museum was the price of food and beverages. Moreover, the security officers sometimes mistreated people during search process. The visit to Getty Museum was interesting and informative.


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