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Free «Global Security» Essay Sample

The threat of global insecurity has a profound impact on everything: from the world economy, the price of energy sources such as gas and oil, the supply of food to virtually every other factor that provides stability. For this reason, when it comes to issues of global importance, no factor has as great significance as global security. First, this paper will explain why maintaining global security is an important issue the world is facing and then offer reasons for why it is more important than any other problem.

In everyday life members of society have the expectation that they will have food, warmth and shelter as their basic needs and a good job, loving family and stable predictable future. Ultimately, global insecurity is a fundamental threat to every facet of our lives. As long as there is a lack of trust between people within nations, the inability to govern the countries because of terrorism, or conditions that cause economic hardships or reduce the supplies of food and resources are present, global insecurity makes it impossible for society to function at the optimal level. In the worst case, this factor can lead to war between nations, which can cause great destruction and death of many people. Thus, it is essential for the global community to work together in order to prevent or reduce the factors that can foster global insecurity.


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In order to achieve global security, nations must cooperate by conducting sound policies that create mutual benefits, particularly when it comes to assisting the third-world countries. In a world where many resources are scarce, such collaboration can be a challenge. Nonetheless, world leaders must recognize that global security depends on helping the countries that need it the most.

In addition, countries must engage in diplomatic activities in order to mitigate differences, avoid misunderstandings and strengthen cooperation both in military and economic fields. Consequently, the world can become a safer place by reducing the odds of military conflict, terrorism (which is often rooted in poverty) and creating economic growth on a global scale.

When it comes to the question why global security predominates over every other issue, the answers are simple. First, in the case of absence of global security society ceases to function which means that any other issue becomes secondary anyway. Secondly, virtually every other important global factor ultimately contributes to global security. In other words, such problem as climate change cannot be considered a greater problem than global insecurity since the warming on the planet can finally cause different kinds of human and natural catastrophes that would lead to global insecurity. For instance, the impact of global warming would lead to dearth, sea level rising that would create massive flooding, and natural disasters that occur more frequently and with greater strength. All of these conditions would increase the odds of military conflict, terrorism and other actions that disrupt global security.

Another issue, such as developing of democracy around the world, a source of power in which the voice of every citizen is heard, is obviously important. However, global security would still take priority since it is necessary to deal with the leaders of countries who do not necessarily agree with the principles of democracy. In fact, it is global security that could ultimately lead countries to become more democratic themselves. After all, when there are peace and stability around the globe, the result is a stronger global economy, implementing reforms that increase the middle class section of the population, and even political changes that allow people in non-democratic countries to become freer. The fall of the Berlin Wall and collapse of communism that followed it are the examples of the cases in which cooperation for the sake of global security leads to global changes.

In conclusion, global security is the most important issue because without it everything else is threatened with potential collapse. While there are many other problems that menace the world, global security is nonetheless more important because almost every social and international problem can be linked to the issue of global security itself.


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