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Free «The Mulatto Hypothesis» Essay Sample

The Mulatto Hypothesis opines that the relation between the dark skinned and fair-skinned is quite skeptical. First of all, this is because the fair-skinned people, for instance, tend to think that they are smarter than the dark skinned. It becomes clear through the fact that since time immemorial, the fair-skinned people have occupied the tutorial positions as teachers and lecturers. The term “mulatto” is a common statement in the Unites States referring to an individual born to both black and white parents. Therefore, mulattos have a mixed ancestry. However, in the current day, the individuals with mixed ancestry no longer regard their self-identity as mulatto’s (Parham, Ajamu, White, & Caldwell, 2011).

Even the Rat Was White

The title of this book seeks to provide a synopsis of the historical prejudices vindicated towards African Americans. The title in itself is an artistic theme that relays information to the audience. It seeks to enlighten the reader on the magnitude of hatred that existed at the time when the book was written. Even the Rat Was White views the history from an array of perspectives and seeks to enhance historical accuracy.



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Thickness of the Lips of African Americans

Guthrie emphasizes the theme of the lips’ thickness in his book. The Europeans and Americans were obsessed with the idea of increasing the size of lips. Guthrie is not obsessed with the thickness of the lips using this as a theme of his book. On the other hand, African Americans wish to look like the whites in order to attain a status quo. However, the only way to enhance this was to undertake plastic surgery. 

Hair Textures

Caucasian fraternity has distinctive hair textures. Hair texture was one of the distinguishable physical attributes bestowed to the Caucasians. The hair texture varies from straight to curly and wavy. However, this is not common to the mongoloid and Negroid races. It is notable that hair texture distributes widely among the races.

Race Ethnicity and Culture

It is apparent that the book Even the Rat Was White revolves around psychology. However, unlike other scholars, Guthrie sought to explain a specific societal injustice that was hugely prevalent at the time. To depict the magnitude of the social atrocities perpetrated against the blacks as well as the mulatto, Guthrie had to use clear examples (Guthrie, 2004).

Dr. Horace Mann’s Experiment

Horace Mann was an American reformer in the sphere of education. He opined that the educational system was the only solution to civilization. Horace Mann emphasized on the need to build public schools, and his idea won the approval of many. Horace Mann was a senior person in his time who sought to ensure that children get disciplined through the right educational channels. Therefore, it can be said that his input to the sphere of education is quite important.

Differentiate between Eugenics and Euthenics

Eugenics means well born and relates to any measures in place to alleviate the genotype of a certain line or heritage. Eugenics could either be positive or negative. Euthenics, on the other hand, refers to measures put in place to improve the environment which in turn will ensure that the societal well being attains uplift. The major difference between the two terms is that eugenics seeks to improve the future generation, while euthenics focuses on the current generation. 


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