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The demarcation between good and evil in the society is quite slim. Different theories present diverse ideas concerning both evil and good. Some argue that the state of an action either kind or bad is determined by the results of that work. Sometimes people do bad, evil things for the greater good. Such actions, however how evil they might be are considered to be kind because they produce good results. This phenomenon means that actions have no responsibilities of their own, but their judgment is determined by the results they produce. Other scholars argue that every action is independently responsible regardless of the motives behind it (Aquinas, D’Arcy and Gilby 25). The later school of thought encourages people to do well at all cost regardless of the expected results. In such case it is hard to come up with a clear demarcation between what is good and evil in the society. Sociology, economics and ethics understanding of good and evil vary from one another, however, this paper will focus on the general knowledge of good regardless of the field of study.

Among the most effective means of making sure that a society prefers good to evil is by instilling courage and empathy among children. Young ones are highly affected by the surroundings in which they live and, at the same time, in determining the future ideas of life. Additionally, children are more prone to get under peer pressure than any other group of people, something that can be used to influence positively and instill good among people in the world. The first responsibility of shaping the character of child lies with the parents. Parents and guardians should play the dominant role of good models for others, like their children, to imitate. This task can be performed through displaying the characters that choose good instead of evil. These positive traits include empathy and goodwill. Psychologists argue that the actions of individuals in most cases are caused by their childhood affairs. Therefore, instilling these traits in children will ultimately lead to an ideal society where good takes precedence over evil (Dawes 3). The responsibility of every parent is to ensure that children can stand for what they believe regardless of the situations around them. Such ability will eliminate issues of peer pressure where young people are drawn into carrying out activities that are against their conscience. Additionally, parents should be committed to living their words so that children can copy from them.

Another psychological principle of why people behave the way they do is that the actions of individuals are determined by the conditions surrounding their lives. Consequently, finding ways to overcome poverty and instill equality is an ideal approach towards ensuring that good takes precedence over evil in the world. As mentioned earlier, some actions might be evil in themselves, but the intentions and the intended outcome are good (Staub 292). In most cases, people prefer this approach of doing bad things for good reasons, for lack of enough resources and the ability to do ‘good’ all the way. Overcoming poverty in a society can help to limit evil dealings because people will have the patience and the power to avoid evil altogether.

The media can play an ideal role in ensuring that good takes the lead in the world. The media can reach a great number of people at the same time what makes it an ideal mechanism to disseminate good around the world. In the modern world where interpersonal contacts are becoming quite limited, people focus on the media for receiving information and guidance. Therefore, the media can take this opportunity and instill the ideas of friendship and understanding rather than division and individualism. Once people understand the importance of friendship in life, they become less aggressive in attempts to revenge and retaliate for the evils done on them.

Additionally, to maintain a friendship, people will choose to understand the actions of others rather than justify themselves, which will lead to a peaceful coexistence among people of different origins (Staub 298). Lastly, people need to become more responsible for what they do as well as accept any outcome of their actions. For instance, one of the principles of overcoming evil and violence is by accepting suffering without retaliation. The affliction is presumed to bring a person to a place of better understanding of life and acceptance of reality.

In conclusion, coming up with ideal approach to define good from evil is a bit difficult. However, care should be taken to ensure that good prevails over evil in the world because of many issues surrounding the idea of good and evil. The society considers them as subjective matters which makes it hard to come up with an ideal solution to elimination of evil. However, one fact concerning all this is true; the best way of ensuring that good takes precedence is by instilling such principles to people since childhood. The majority of the world population consists of the youth; therefore, changing the perception of this group of matters concerning evil and good has the power of changing the perception of the entire world.


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