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In December 7th 1941, the Japanese armed forces launched a shocker air attack on the U.S naval base situated at Pearl Harbor. This attack took place in Hawaii. The attack was considerably severe and had been steered by the Japanese administration who were weary of the United States ban on their expansion within China, which had been long negotiated without Japanese agenda being granted. In fact, the United States had placed a restriction to the Japanese in regards to their expansion plans. Thus the Japanese were disgruntled and could not give in to the United States, thus resolved to attacked the United States’ naval forces prior to announcement of war (Bruce. 2011).

Ideally, this was meant to enhance Japanese chances to cripple the United States forces within the pacific in order to mitigate any retaliation in a short time frame. In addition, the geographic location of Pearl harbor was strategic for Japanese to attack since they had less distance to travel and were less likely to be detected on their surprise attack (Bruce, 2011).

It is significant to note that the Japanese had a strategy to knock out the U.S pacific fleet such that they would have no resistance in their conquest of South East Asian as well pacific islands. Ideally, the Japanese would have accomplished their goal before the U.S rebuilt their fleet to catch up with them. The Japanese were expecting that the attack would achieve fantastic result to destroy the U.S pacific convoy for a lengthy period time approximately for eight months hence prevent antagonistic action in opposition to imperial forces. Thus, the launch of the attack was perceived a signal into their progression to conquer China since they believed they would be successful in bombing the U.S aircraft and naval bases to cripple its force and it ability to retaliate.

Isoruku Yamoto wanted to go to war against the United States, given his success in military reorganization in the Japanese Navy especially advancement of naval aviation. He had a superiority notion of his forces and his position, thus wanted to conquer the U.S.


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