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Publicrelations entail all the activities which the management of a company, a non-profit organization or an industry pursues to assess and evaluate the sentiments and attitudes of the public towards it. In fact, public relations are an integral, strategic part of what determines the procedures, policies and strategies towards public interest. It is strategic because it influences the manner in which operations of the organization will be executed. In marketing, public relations are solely employed to impact customers and their purchasing trends. In essence, public relation is the backbone of the entire communication blending that involves sales promotion, advertising and direct sales. In a broader perspective, the function of public relations endeavors to portray an organization to be ethically responsible and alert about overall welfare of its customers. This is supposed to manifest in the organization’s activities (Magda, 2006).

Public relations serve the function of community relations to convey its support for the community within which it operates. Thus, an effective program to enhance community relations is implemented to cement and improve relations with the surrounding community.

The government and political relations of public relations does interest me quite a lot. This is mainly because the department is responsible for this field has to act in the most persuasive manner to get the government to pass crucial legislations that are of interest to an organization. The public relations arena is exceptionally unpredictable and crisis communications part of it is of extensive interest. I would predict the formation of committees to handle such issues as accidents in production to guarantee consumer safety, since this may lead to the loss of market share. In fact, customers would appreciate much a special committee responsible for clearing communication crisis to answer their questions to satisfaction. This is a universal issue and could occur both in my country and the entire world as well (Jesper, Spiro & Spiro, 2011).

Students can revisit past public relations case studies and learn the core issues as well as the method by which they were handled. Additionally, students may take intern programs with organizations that serve customers from cultural backgrounds to acquire experience. The experience and professional training that a public relations person takes are quite informative, thus a qualified public relations personnel would be definitely culturally literate. In my standpoint, the discrimination against minorities in the society could be solved by rigorous campaigns and awareness programs to boost community relations and tolerance amongst the people in a community. However, this is different for various cultural settings, since each culture has different values and perceptions of gender roles.


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