Free «Dadaist Game Art: The Digital Ready-Made and Absurdist Appropriation» Essay Sample

Question 1

The two texts intertwine in the fact that they both talk about media transformation in creative arts. Steve Gibson talks about the hidden meanings in game art while Paul talks about the artistic perceptions of virtual reality. The two papers are basing their argument on issues of utilizing three dimensional movements. Steve talks of utilizing the dada movement to express artistic work and Paul talks of virtual reality in artistic work to improve perception.

Question 2

The works do not violate academic honesty policy because credit is given where it is due. For instance; when Paul talks of Canadian virtual works of reality, he cites Charlotte Davis’ work. Steve cites the work of Jodi when giving the example of the first game art. Also, the texts are written from a third person perspective which depicts that they are not research proposals.

Question 3

The video backs up the claims in the paper especially due to the fact that the examples appear as they are explained. However, more documentation would be needed on the use of game art in the provocation of certain political events. The art is not just for entertainment, but is also meant to educate and probably reform. As such, it would be essential to provide more documentation for further analysis by an individual.



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Question 4

The projects described in the text are exhilarating especially due to their explicit explanations. The simulations of real life political events in the projects described by Steve bring meaning to Dadaism. Also, they are among the first forms of art to effectively utilize three dimensional arts.

Question 5

The games described are extremely violent and yet they claim to support the Dadaist movement. Therefore, it is imperative that I ask “how are the games promoting the Dadaist movement yet they are so violent?”


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