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Since time immemorial, the Bible has been interpreted in so many ways especially with regard to the church and the pastors that have been using the Bible every Sunday to preach the gospel to the people. However, it cannot be denied that the Bible is not easy to interpret without some divine intervention. Proper interpretation of the Bible is important because of the fact that it can change the lives of the people. The wrong interpretation of the Bible can alter the future of the people. Hence, it has become important that most of the theologians improved ways in to which the Bible can be interpreted accordingly. Body There are two ways in which the Bible can be interpreted properly. The first process is known as the Bible exegesis. This kind of process is being used by most Bible preachers to interpret the Bible using critical explanation.
It cannot be denied that in the process of interpreting the Bible, the preachers must look at all angles and context surrounding a particular verse or chapter or text on it. Basically speaking, it is being used not only to critically explain what has been written in the Bible but rather to point out meanings that are hidden with every word. But then again, it just not gives the meaning of the texts but also look at the significance that can be derived from it. In order to do so successfully, it needs to find out every detail incorporated into it such as the history of the story. For example, in order to critically explain the crucifixion of Jesus that has been detailed in the Bible the preachers need to look at the historical background of the event.
From there, the preachers will derive information as to what led the crucifixion to happen and how people were influenced during that time. In this regard, they can draw out some important attitude or points that will have significance to the listeners. On the other hand, hermeneutic is broader in the sense that it interprets not just texts but rather the whole interpretation theory as it covers biblical hermeneutics and contemporary ones. Unlike the biblical exegesis that just focuses merely on a text and the historical background that is attached to it, hermeneutics cover the whole of the process of interpretation. All aspects of the interpretative process such as the impacts in the communication that can be achieved are being concerned. Meaning to say, while biblical exegesis can be used for personal devotion, if the text in the Bible will be used for preaching and communicating then it simply needs hermeneutic interpretation as the aspect of whether it will reach the audience with a huge impact or not is of great consideration. Hermeneutics concerns itself not just of simply interpreting the texts in the Bible but rather to communicate it to the people and to leave a great impact that could change their lives one way or another. The basic foundation of hermeneutic is to create an atmosphere of learning in such a way that the people will learn and understand the concept of language and philosophy as well.
Although both biblical exegesis and hermeneutic aims to interpret the Bible for greater understanding, the latter is more geared towards enabling people to understand the Bible in such a way that the communication process is there. It tackles the holistic approach to understanding the language of the text from the history to the understanding of some theologians compiled altogether.


With all the foregoing, it cannot be denied that biblical exegesis and hermeneutic are two process to which an interpretation of the Bible can be achieved. However, it differs in such a way that the latter is a lot deeper in approach as it tackles all the principles and teachings that are incorporated into it. Unlike Bible exegesis that only gives historical background for greater understanding of the concept of the text on subject.

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