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For many of us, mind reading is associated with the word “telepathy”. All of us have dreamt of being able to read others’ minds at least once in a lifetime. It appears that mind reading skills work to reveal the most complicated and well hidden traits of human character. By being able to read minds, we definitely gain a kind of competitive advantage, which allows us to prevent tragedies, discover criminals, and cure diseases. Objectively, telepathy skills are those which humans must have to improve understanding, develop closer personal relationships, prevent disasters and crimes, and provide people with timely assistance and support. The word “telepathy” is derived from the Greek “tele” (distance) and “pathe” (feeling). In other words, telepathy is the human ability to transfer thoughts and read others’ minds (The Mystica, 2008). Where people seek to expand the boundaries of their knowledge and to acquire new skills and abilities, mind reading or telepathy can open the gateway to understanding the human essence and to preventing the major human disasters.
Certainly, as humans we tend to cause the most terrible tragedies and disasters. As humans, we are not always able to seek timely assistance or to discover the most problematic criminal spots. Telepathy, however, may work “to read subjective thought, or receiving conscious thought without audible words being spoken” (Holmes, 2007). The emergence and invention of numerous devices, including polygraph tests were expected to give individuals an ability to identify and explain human thoughts and behaviors, but neither of the current devices works to open the human mind and to reveal hidden thoughts, ideas, and identities.
That is why mind reading could potentially become a critical human skill, enabling us “to negotiate, compete, cooperate, and achieve emotional closeness with others. It would let us figure out when we’re being manipulated or seduced” (Paul, 2007). Finally, a whole set services and agencies would be able to use the benefits of mind reading to resolve crimes, provide medical support, and address psychological complexities and conflicts, which people are not always able to discuss verbally. It should be noted that as humans we possess a full mind reading potential; the problem is that we are not always able to utilize it. In many instances, mind reading and telepathy become possible at times of psychological crises. Many people are familiar with the feeling of an upcoming tragedy. Given that women are more prone to interact with their emotions, women are also more likely to display and use their mind reading abilities in daily performance. Science is filled with numerous examples of the way telepathy between animals and humans works (Holmes, 2007). Simultaneously, we should not forget that telepathy is a dangerous instrument, if not constantly monitored and controlled. Telepathy can be used as an effective instrument of counter-intelligence. For many, telepathy can also turn into an instrument used for criminal purposes. Nevertheless, it is telepathy and mind reading skills that humans need to become more powerful in their virtuous intentions. “The thoughts and feelings of others, including those closest to us, are far from transparent, that makes mind reading the only way to know someone beyond the mere surface.
It’s the only way to achieve intimacy” (Paul, 2007); and whether we are able to succeed in our daily initiatives and whether we are able to improve criminal, medical, and social situation in the world will also depend on how well we work to develop our mind reading abilities, and how effectively we use them when the need to resolve the most difficult complexities arises.


Mind reading has always been something humanity sought to achieve. Mind reading has always been something humanity could not have. It appears, however, that mind reading can become a critical human skill, which will effectively work to resolve the most complicated crimes, to cure the most difficult diseases, and to save thousands of people who are not always able to express their concerns in verbal form. Mind reading can become the turning point in the human evolution, giving humanity another chance to survive.

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