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Everywhere it was slavery, slaves and their masters, the civil war, the revolution and the union states and or the confederate. The confederate states of America were also known as the confederacy and these were the southern states which had seceded from the United States. Slaves worked for their masters and they were great contributors to the American economic prosperity during those times that is before the civil war slaves and they were working in cotton, sugar and tobacco plantations. To a greater extend slavery contributed to the civil and the formation of the confederacy.

Union Soldier in the Civil War

After independence, the Civil War knocked the door in 1860s. Slavery had been abolished some years later after independence and as it was declared that all human being are equal the Civil War set in and the northern states united to fight the southern states which were very reluctant to free their slaves.
There were hidden talents in slaves that came into fore after the bondage of slavery. (Howitz 1999) notes that, “The war left a legacy that had ignited the fire for the Americans to unite and respect rights of all men for they were created equal”. States of Louisiana, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas and Florida seceded before President Abraham Lincoln took office in 1861. The tug of war between the northern states and the southern ended up in an armed conflict which was the civil war that broke out in April 1861 because the northern states were not happy with what was going on in the southern states or the confederacy and they prepared their union troops to fight for the rights of black slaves and the black people or the slaves worked hand in hand with the union or northern states’ troops.
This is the time president Lincoln was elected to office and many southerners were not happy because of the stand of the president on confederacy, president Lincoln was absolutely against slavery. The Civil war erupted because of the institution of slavery that was not ending in the south. The northern states had already abandoned the institution of slavery and for them it was easy because of their economical activities which were based on industries while in the south they solely depended on farming and they had vast plantations of cotton and tobacco. The suspension of the Habeas Corpus was intentional so that the president could exercise full powers. This also enabled the generals to arbitrarily arrest dissidents of the civil war and its course. The suspension of the Habeas Corpus permitted President Lincoln to even suspend newspapers and any publications that published any bit of opposition or opposing views to the war. The Civil war ended after the troops of the southern states or the confederacy were subdued by the northern or federal troops. All states, that is, the northern states and the southern states once again were united to make the United States of America. Then prosperity was realized because after the civil war the black people were enjoying many rights like voting, getting formal employment and going to schools.
Therefore, minority groups could not be recognized, it were not the civil war that set them free and the civil could not be fought if the Americans had not realized the fruits of freedom for all. The force that was used by President Lincoln’s force bore fruits of uniting the north and the south to be one strong nation, ended slavery, prompt payment of tax and established strong military and this qualified President Lincoln to be a hero to date.


However, the civil war marked the end of the confederate and the federal states and the United States of America had one government to date. All men were created equal to enjoy liberty, life and happiness. This was the message that had the radicalism for change.

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