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Free «Significance of Television» Essay Sample

Almost every home has a television thereby showing its importance. The initial purpose of the innovation was to combine radio and motion pictures as well as transmitting them instantly. The innovation was effective and served the needs and wants of the consumers. Today, the television has become a social commodity for many consumers. It has affected greatly the lives of many, especially those brought up during its existence. The current generation has much to appreciate the innovation as described in the paper.

During the innovation process, the people involved hoped to combine moving objects, sound, and color images (Landen). They hoped to attain real-life transmission to enable viewers identify what they saw. The innovation was a success and with the advancement in technology, the content is real-time. For instance, news can be broadcast live as well as from all over the globe. Therefore, information is available everywhere at any time. The major need addressed so far by the television is social consumption.



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TV is an effective means of communication in our current world. An average person uses about two hours watching the television. It is correct to claim that each family watches the television. TV is the most effective means of communication in our world today. The society has changed much because of the commercial ads presented in televisions. Firms advertise on the TV; although they spend much money, television is surely an effective way of touching many people. It is the best means compared to other media to convince consumers to purchase a commodity. The television has many programs, which benefit different people in different ways. The weather forecast can help one to organize for the day. People find relaxation as well as fun in cartoons and sport. Individuals learn about the world through the documentaries, the news, and school programs. Through advertisements, people learn about the upcoming products. The television has appealing content because it is real-time and realistic.

Individuals seek distraction as well as entertainment from the television, which are needs satisfied through watching films and cartoons. TV is educative, informative, and instructive; these are from cultural programs, documentaries, and educational programs. TV provides creativity enjoyed by many through presenting works of others such as effective dialogue. It gives us other cultures, ideas, other people, and the world. It satisfies the need of knowledge and enhances significant facets of daily life (O’Connor).

A number of innovations have emerged from the television. Among them are color cameras, which have led to color photos. The innovation has enhanced the production of movies and photocopying but this is an indirect influence. Computers have developed from TV in addition to videogame consoles. Other innovations from TV include; TV shows, DVDs, cable TV, descramblers, satellite TV, and VCRs among others (O’Connor). Therefore, the innovation of TV has influenced the development of other important innovations, which also satisfy social consumption.

However, some of the innovations arising from the television are to some extent a scare. This is especially the computer, which appears as if it will kick the television out of business. The television could stand the computer threat in the end. TV will stand the scare if it adopts and accept some decline in its audience. The market is increasingly competitive in terms of information as well as entertainment. The Internet has transformed the way people go about media consumption. This includes the immediacy, choice, multimedia, multitasking, and social consumption. The Internet has shattered the television’s comfortable syndication arrangement and licensing based on mass audiences. Many cable providers are struggling to avoid cable cutting. Network providers are worried concerning their ad-revenues as television audiences decline. Nonetheless, so far, television’s reaction to these transformations has been marked by restriction and exceptionally conservative. Many channels just make their shows online 24 hours after airing them; most of them wait eight days whereas some decline to avail their episodes online (Weitbrecht).

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An opportunity that would guarantee the future of television is social consumption, which all channels should consider. This is because consuming information as well as entertainment has become intrinsically social. People share thoughts and responses while watching a particular program. Some services offered by the television are irreplaceable such as the concurrent experience; everyone across the nation watching on one occasion, and concurrently discussing what they are viewing with close members. Television networks can retain their consumers as well as rope in new clients. Social consumption is the target of many marketers and strategies are aimed at social media and are at the heart of any modern TV show opening (Weitbrecht). Therefore, social consumption provides television networks the opportunity to remain relevant in future.

Evidently, TV provides a variety of valuable programs as well as content, which enhance daily living. Many innovations have emerged from TV, which have also enhanced living. Besides offering many programs with broad and interesting content, television has fulfilled our needs in terms of knowledge and entertainment. TV is a vital as well as an integral medium in the contemporary society. Some of its positive contributions are educating the society and creating awareness, which will persist to influence strongly on the lives of many people.


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