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Taking a glance at the numerous businesses in existence, I always wondered in thought how some people could take up a business initiative and turn it into some worthwhile venture. My curiosity was however cleared when I partook to interview one of the local successful entrepreneurs in my home area who ventured into retail business that majorly involves green grocery.

The entrepreneur’s name is Mr.Jones, born in the year 1975 and has basic education up to the secondary level. He has had a lot of interest in the business world, which has enabled him open a green grocery business that he relies on to meet his basic needs and obligations. I interrogated Mr. Jones one on one about some various aspects of the business which was as outlined below;

Interviewer: Hallo Mr.Jones is very grateful for sparing your time to allow me ask you some questions about your business. May you please tell me more about your business and why you decided to take it up?

Mr.Jones: My business began around three years ago as a small venture that had only one line of products. The economic conditions at that time weren’t favorable and had to operate a small kiosk for a couple of years. I however managed to pull resources together and introduced more products that saw my kiosk enlarge to some extent.



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Interviewer: What really motivated you into entrepreneurship and gave you inspiration?

Mr.Jones: I have always had interest in operating my own business and be self employed. My business was instigated by the fact that I saw the need of bringing the market nearer to the local people so save them the energy of travelling to go for some necessities like greens and fruits. This was an opportunity I spotted since no one had had such an idea and with time, it has thrived to a great extent.

Interviewer: How can you gauge your success in this venture and what made you to be successful?

Mr.Jones: Looking at the state of my business presently, I can comfortably say that I have tried to reach my goals since I have been able to expand the venture and even open a branch in another area of this town. This has facilitated generation of more revenue as compared to the earlier years and I must say am so proud of this whole idea. My success has been facilitated by the fact that I am a risk taker, am very patient with my customers and I try as much as possible to ensure that stock is available whenever needed to avoid disappointing my customers.

Interviewer: Any challenges you experience?

Mr.Jones: Presently, more people have joined this line of business and there seems to be much competition, also, there is the challenge of rise in distribution costs that is shifted to us by suppliers, increased rates of taxes, presence of perishable goods like fruits which get spoilt after some time leading to losses and finally, the issue of bad debts where some customers fail to pay their debts after taking goods on credit.

Interviewer: How do seek to manage these challenges facing you?

Mr.Jones: I always strive to deliver the best quality of products to my customers so as to maintain their faith in me to be ahead of my competitors, I have also purchased some modern cooling machines to store the vegetables and fruits to prevent them getting rotten and cause losses. The other challenges are somehow beyond my power but I operate in the range that I can comfortably meet the obligations of the business and my workers.

Interviewer: Have you experienced any failures in the past?

Mr.Jones: To be sincere, yes.This is especially during the initial stages whereby I had cash flow issues and had to cease the business for several months before it took up-to its feet once again. I got assistance though from micro-finance institution which enabled me thrive the venture once again.

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Interviwer: Any future aspirations or goals?

Mr. Jones: My greatest ambition which I hope to achieve in the long run is to be a prestigious entrepreneur locally and globally and to explore others fields of business operations.

Interviwer: Thanks a lot for your time and agreeing to share your entrepreneurial experience with me. I appreciate it a lot. 

Conclusion or lesson learnt

The main lesson acquired from the interview is that, for one to be successful in doing anything, it is very crucial to have a positive mind set and perseverance so as to be successful in all that one partakes to do.


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