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Sometimes it happens when a person thinks “what if I were there?” or what if some of the historical personalities were here, or lived in present times?” It is very interesting sometimes to think about, to imagine. Though one cannot fully imagine what would happen, because those persons, about whom we think, lived in another epoch and no one can say how they will act nowadays. On the other hand, there are some questions which can be answered. For instance, if I needed do deliver bad news, I would ask Adolf Hitler for a piece of advice. Everybody knows that Hitler was, perhaps, the cruelest person ever, but only some realize that he was one of the best orators. He did not make the Germans follow him or start the war, he simply knew how to deal with those who did not obey. He was very charming, he was the leader of his nation, that leader whom people want to follow. He knew how to make people believe in everything he says, even if it is not true; and the Germans did believe every word he said.



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“His first public utterance, a fiery rebuttal from the back row of a point made in a Worker’s Party meeting, so impressed the party leader, Anton Drexler, that he sought Hitler out to recruit him” (Parsons, 1)

Talking about politicians and the election in the USA in 2012, I would vote for Theodor Roosevelt, if I could. Roosevelt did a great job as a president, because he had to govern the country in the hardest times: the times after the Great Depression, and the period of the Second World War. He was not only the wise politician; he also strived to help people:

“The leader must understand that he leads us, that he guides us, by convincing us so that we will follow him or follow his direction. He must not get it into his head that it is his business to drive us or rule us. His business is to manage the government for us.” (Roosevelt)

When he became the president, he had initiated several social and economical changes, which helped the Americans to come through that difficult times; he and his personnel managed to make people cooperate and work together, which, in my opinion, is very important in the modern society. In the period of the Second World War he managed to explain people that the War is not only the problem of the Europeans, it is the world’s problem and the Americans should help. In my opinion, he was the person who is very needed nowadays, because people in the country are disappointed in the presidents of the beginning of this century. Theodor Roosevelt was a kind of an example of how to govern the country, he was the role model for a lot of Americans, and he still is.

If I could, I would like to have such a friend as Theodor Roosevelt, because this politician could teach me something new. Besides him, I would like to make friends with Winston Churchill, who governed the United Kingdom in the period of the Second World War. He was not only a significant politician in the world’s history; he was also a man of rich knowledge. When reading his biography, one can see that he was very intelligent; he knew and read a lot. In my opinion, he could help me to make the right decision, give me a piece of advice when needed; besides he was a good analyzer, therefore, I would not make many mistakes that may influence my life badly.

“He is keenly observant, intelligent, and has a great desire for learning and for self-improvement” (Norman, 32)

On the other hand he was a great patriot of his country, so we would have long talks and discussions about what it means to be a patriot. On the other hand, there are historical persons, whom I would not like to meet, especially those, with whom I would not like to be trapped in an elevator. This is Juan Velasco.

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Juan Velasco ruled Peru, and named himself the President of the Revolutionary Government. He stated that he acted in the interests of people; therefore, he managed to take all the branches of power in his and his comrades’ hands:

“There were no elections, and civilian politicians had little influence.” (Gale)

I would be scared to stay tet-a-tet with such a person, not only because he was a dictator, but also because he did not respect all the people. In my opinion, those who respect people will never become military dictators in their own country, because if a person does not like something, he or she may strike, but not start the military revolution. Besides, he would talk much, because he was an ideologist, he was trying to make his dreams come true with the means of his home country; thus, perhaps, he would try to impose on me his ideology.

If I had the opportunity to choose the tutor of my master thesis in the university, I would like to choose Francis Nwia Kofie Kwame Nkrumah, who was not only one of the brightest politicians in the Africa, but also a prominent philosopher, sociologist and political scientists. He was born in a village, but became the first president of Ghana; he was sent to study in London, but returned to make life in his home country better. Nkrumah was not only a patriot, but also a good analyzer, who could estimate the real values, and the set the goals for the development of his homeland. This person was striving to make not his life better, as many people do nowadays, but make life of his countrymen better. He was obsessed by the idea to make Ghana the industrial center of Africa, but he wanted to do it too fast; perhaps he did not realize that such changes need a lot of time and effort not only from the president, but also from citizens.

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People say, that the last question, as well as the last response, is the most important in the conversation; but that is not true. The last question that will be answered in this paper is: “which of the historical person would not you like to have as an enemy?” some of the persons mentioned above could become those whom I would not like to have as my enemy, but the point is that they are not as cruel as Joseph Stalin. In my opinion, he did the most cruelty in the world’s history, because he was not only the dictator, but he also killed the citizens of the USSR. Once he said:

“The death of a person is a tragedy and the death of millions is a statistics.” (Stalin)

This one phrase proves that such a person did not respect anyone; he was playing with people’s lives, they did not matter anything to him; Stalin was such a person who got what he wanted despite everything. On the other hand, these are human preferences and fears, reflecting in our minds in an image of a historical person; such images may help to understand each other better.


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