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Who keeps company with the wolves, will learn to howl. I like this proverb more than similar ones because of this animal. We all know that wolfs can kill when they are hungry. This is a bad feature of their character. On the other hand, they are very faithful and love till the end like a real friend. We are always similar to people who we spend time with, because we influence each other. I would like to tell about my old friend, actually about friends, who helped me to find myself and to become who I am.

This story began when I was a child. My family moved to a new house. In the neighborhood house there lived two children – twins, Patrick and Annie. They were two years older than me, but they accepted me in their company. Besides, we had a lot in common, we liked watching cartoons, eating chocolate ice-cream and playing badminton. For that time, it was enough to become friends. Patrick and Annie looked similar, but, at the same time, they were different. They both were tall and slim, but Annie had long fair hair and green eyes, and Patrick had dark hair and blue eyes. They were beautiful. Patrick always wore jeans and T-shirts. Annie liked green color. Most of her dresses, even her jeans were colored in green. They smelled fresh. They used to play badminton in their big yard. I played with them, too.



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A couple of years later, when we grew older and our interests became wider, we all had own dreams. Patrick wanted to be a physicist, and Annie dreamt of a stage. As for me, I started to write poems and short stories. When they have left to the college in the other city, we met each other rarely. I sent them my writing and they liked it, but when I showed it to other people, I failed. As soon as my friends came home for holidays, I visited them desperate and upset. On that day, their house smelled with muffins.

Me: I’ve lost my inspiration! Everyone says, that I write badly!

Annie: Do they say it so? “Badly”?

Me: Just imagine my older sister with her big blue eyes. She’s always staring like an owl, and her big mouth. And how she quirks with her ugly screeching voice, “You’ll never be a writer. Give up, failure”.

Patrick: I can’t believe it!

Me: Yes. And my teacher of literature… She looked at me over her glasses, and there was so much pity in her voice, “Darling, do you think I wanted to a teacher? I also wanted to be famous and successful. But dreams don’t come true, honey! Even don’t try”. A big tear slipped over her sunken and wrinkled cheek. Even her hair seemed to turn from gray into white. She looked like a person who never felt happy.

Patrick: Just listen to yourself. I’ve never spoken to your sister, and I’ve never seen your teacher, but after your description I can imagine them both. You have a gift to describe and to write. Look at us. We’ve always done what mom has said. And what we’ve got now? We study economy instead of physics …

Annie: Or theater …

Patrick: But I know what will make you happier. We sent your short story about a girl and a dog to the short story competition! Sorry, but without your permission.

Me: What?

Annie: I know, but we didn’t have time to ask you, the deadline was in a few… days. But the greatest thing is – you won! They will publish your short story in the book of winners!

Me: I am a winner?

The next day, my father, my friends and I went to the publishers. They told me that they were waiting for my next short stories or even a novel. Later I wrote a lot of successful books for children, and I wrote also about Patrick and Annie. I just named them Tommy and Annika.


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