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Free «A-1 Driving School Training Program» Essay Sample

The business environment today has changed with new rules and regulations guiding every professional activity people carry out. Driving skills provide vital roles to day to day activities (Coughlin & D’Ambrosio, 2012). Due to the continuous amendments to the state laws guiding driving, there is the need to equip people with basic mechanical skills on motor vehicle operations, news state laws, rules and regulations, and to understand the computer-based skills on driving. The program is a complete package for the target individuals in need of the vital modern driving skills. The program will provide the needed skills for the adults whose goal is to master the required driving skills. It is noted that state laws are regularly amended, thus there is a need to equip public with the changes and subsequently new skills.

Individuals who have no prior driving skills or those who have taken long before getting behind the wheels will highly benefit from this program. The training will target the adult trainees who need to master the necessary skills on driving, and focus on the basics of the motor vehicle operations. A-1 Driving School’s program is designed to help drivers become safe, skilful and knowledgeable. The trainees will learn the necessary skills both in classroom and behind the wheel practical courses.



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First, the program will introduce students to industry laws, regulations and safety matters during training. The students will be introduced to the practical driving, hands-on techniques and numerous manoeuvres in the modern classes of vehicles, from cars to trucks. 

The Training Objectives

At the completion of the course, the following should be the learners’ measured skills:

i.) Learning Goal - In possession of the knowledge and skills required to be a complete driver, who not only knows how to drive, but understands the law, regulations and rules guiding driving. The trainees will be in a position to recognize various situations for specific actions while on the road.

ii.)  Performance Objectives - After the completion of training, the trainees will be in a position to:

  • Identify road signs;
  • Describe the various turns on the road;
  • Indentify all the safety issues;
  • Understand vehicle inspections procedures;
  • Carry out preventive troubleshooting of vehicle engines;
  • Understand various states laws with respect to traffic.

iii.)  Test - The end result is to ensure that students pass exams and tests, which allows them to acquire temporary driving permit.

Gagné-Briggs Nine Events of Instruction at A-1 Driving School.

i.) Gain learners’ attention - The program will ensure that learners are ready to begin learning and fully participate in every activity. Some of the techniques for attracting learner’s attentions are:

- Stimulate students interest through surprises and fun learning process;

- Bring out thought-provoking questions to generate more interests;

- Encourage students to pose questions to other fellow students to enhance active participation.

ii.) Inform the learners about the objectives in place - The learners will be informed of the objectives in place to equip them with the idea of what they should strive to learn. In this dimension, learners should be able to describe the required performance during the various tests, describe the performance criteria and standards.

iii.) Stimulate recall of prior learning - The learners will be helped to relate what they have learnt with real life experience, such as what they have seen happening on the highways. The learners should be stimulated to ask questions about previous experiences, and relate with the understanding of the concepts taught (Coughlin & D’Ambrosio, 2012).

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iv.) Present the content - The students will be taken through demonstration after the explanations to invoke understanding of the cue lesson content. This is an effective and efficient way to pass instruction. Some of the best ways to do present meaningful cue are use of traffic vocabulary, examples of road use and misuse and presentation of contents via various media such as video and audio (Mueller, Stanley  & Manlove, 2012).

v.) Provide guidance for learning process - The instructors will provide instructional support as per the need. This will be through processes such as cues, hints, examples, case studies and prompts. These can be removed once the students have mastered the task.

vi.) Elicit performance via constant practice - The instructors will activate students activities by asking deep-learning questions, with reference to what learners have acquired.

vii.)  Provide Feedback - The students will receive immediate feedback on their learning performance. The learners will also be encouraged to collaborate with their peers, and help them integrating new knowledge with the help of real-world examples and case studies.

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viii.) Performance Assessment - Learners will undergo evaluation process to effectively master the desired skills. The tests are expected to prove if the learning objectives have been achieved. Every performance will be based on company objectives.

ix.) Facilitate retention and transfer to the job - In order to ensure that learners develop the expertise, company will develop an internalized process of acquiring new knowledge. This will allows the paraphrasing of the new content, use of various language techniques such as metaphors, creation of concepts and learning aids. 

The driving skills acquired at A-1 Driving School after the completion of the program will be top-notch. A-1 Driving School is committed to foster excellent road safety through thorough training and administration of hands-on continuous tests.  


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