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Free «Islamic Terrorism» Essay Sample

There have been many speculations on what is the real root cause of the Islamic terrorism witnessed in the different parts of the worlds. The Islamic terrorist activities takes place in different countries, but most of them target the Karfirs’ or the non-Islamic believers. This has led to a lot of research and studies on the things that motivate the terrorists to engage in such inhuman acts. The Islamic religion goes a long way back in time and sometimes the terrorists use it to justify their actions using the name Jihad. This may actually be the reason why many Islamic believers tend to engage in outrageous activities without caring about the outcomes of such actions. The terrorism activities take different forms and some of the tactics used include suicide attacks, hijackings, and kidnapping. The terror groups recruits its members in different ways and they recently adapted the use of internet to recruit new people into their organizations (Dobrot, 2007). The history of the terrorism activities in the Islamic countries goes back to the early 11th century where they were reported to be assassinating the non-believers and those who did not agree with their ways. The targets were both religious and political seeking to make their loyalty to a divine being exceptional in the world. The people who carry out the attacks mostly lose their lives in the process and they do so in good faith claiming that they are in the process of seeking martyrdom.



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There may be a link on the constant differences seen in the different religions and the sons of Noah. The people of the Middle East and the Asians are the descendants of Noah and specifically the sons of Shem. Shem as the eldest son of Noah and he had only one son. The difference in religion sprang up later on in life when the Judaism, Islam and Christianity sprang up. The differences became clear when they three religions adapted different beliefs based on the parts of the East they occupied. This is the reason why the Palestinians and the Israelites have been having major religious differences for a long time. Each of them believes that their religion is the best and deserves to be adapted by the rest of the world (Juergensmeyer, 2000).

The Jihad

This is a concept that the Islamic Terrorist use in most of the fights. It is a concept that means the struggle. This is a concept where the terrorist claim that they are fighting for the good of the religion. The fighters who use this concept claim that it is their duty to fight and retaliate against those who do not respect the Islamic religion. They believe that the only way they can speak out and drive their point home is by using violence against all those whom they believed have oppressed them in one way or another. They use the term war against Islam to describe the actions against the Islam religion by the Christians. There are two types of Jihads according to the terrorist. There is the Defensive jihad and the offensive jihad or the fard al-ayn. The defensive Jihad is the act where the one initiating the fight seems to be the victim because he or she is defending a certain act. This is what many terrorist use in defense of their actions. They believe that the Muslims are oppressed by the other religions and it is therefore, their duty to fight back in order to regain their rightful place as the best and only religion in the world with the right ideologies and practices. The terrorist believe that they are no longer practicing pure Islam as the prophet did during his time on earth. They blame this on other religions like Christianity, which have poisoned their pure religion. The only way they can do this is by fighting back and destroying those who tampered with their religion. They use interpretations from the Quran and the Hadith to return to the pure form of the Islam religion (Kobrin, 2010).

The Quran is the sacred book among the Muslims and it gives them guidance and reference points in most of their actions. Although it is not clear what role the Quran plays in shaping the decisions of the terrorist, its interpretations goes a long way to decide how the person acts depending on his or her personal interpretation of the message. Lewis in his arguments claims that the jurisprudence does not give permission for terrorist acts in any of its teachings. He claims that the Quran does not allow anyone to kill children and women. They can only do so if it is in self-defense. The Quran allows the holy war, but it puts in several things to guide the warriors on what they have to do. The only people who can be harmed in a holy war are those in combat and no one else. The Jihad try to justify this with the fact that they declare war beforehand and everyone is therefore, ready to face them and is prepared for war. They believe that giving a warning beforehand, covers up for the non-combat deaths and the slaughters of innocent women and children. The Jihad is a way used by the terrorist to try to bring the world under the control of Muslims (Dobrot, 2007).

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Duty to Allah

This is a common phrase among the terrorist who believe that those who know believe in Allah have a duty to convert and bring others to him. If those who do not believe in Allah refuse to convert, then using force to subjugate them is the only option. The Hadith at some point has a scripture stating that the prophet he was sent with an expression where he had to be victorious through waging fear and terror in the hearts of the enemies. The verse continues to state that the apostle was given keys to the different treasure of the world and even though he did not use the treasures, it is up to his followers to open the treasure in the world and enjoy them. Muhammad also narrates further in the Hadith that he had to kill those who offended the Allah and him as an apostle of the most high. The prophet gives anyone who would like to kill the offender the chance to follow him, hunt him down and then take away his life because he believes he offended the most high and his disciple.

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The prophet also gives the warriors or the believers a go ahead to kill the non-believers when he allows the warriors to attack the pagans. Even though he is asked whether it was appropriate to kill the pagan men and leave the women and the innocent children exposed to the dangers of the world, her claims that the women and the children have the same origin as the pagan men so it was okay to kill them. The terrorist do not believe in negotiations and claim that the word of Allah is not something to negotiate about, but requires actions (Martin, 2004).


The causes of the Islamic terrorism may not be exclusively religious, but it is clear that most of the terrorist use the name of the Allah and the different quotes seen above to justify their actions. Their differences with Christianity and the Jewish religion is no coincidence as they come from the same father Shem and have been trying to see who is superior and deserves to take the first place in religious terms. The way terrorist interpret the Quran and the Hadith shapes their beliefs on the terrorism acts where they claim to be serving the Allah and fulfilling the wishes of the prophet.

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