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A request for proposal (RFP) is a document that gives a detailed outline of a particular project with the consultant engineer selection criteria. The report for proposal can either be complex or brief and informal depending on the nature of the project. In both cases the RFP comprise of two key components. They include terms of Reference and Commercial Terms.

Terms of Reference give a definition of the technical scope of the project. It comprises of several key elements which include the project description and objectives, adequate relevant history and information, issues that are unique, collected technical information e.g. reports, the proposed range of consultation, special project requirement, user (client’s) requirements, set schedule and the extent to which the owner is expected to participate (Mullins, 2002).

Commercial terms show the content of the proposals and the criteria used to select a consultant. It states the deadlines  for submission, the recipient’s address, queries handling process, information on any meetings and site inspections proposed, company names of the participating consultants, contents of the proposal and their formats, evaluation and any other relevant requirement in the presentation meetings. The outcome of selection of an information system heavily depends on the RFP process. If this process is properly handled it lays a foundation for obtaining an effective information system by ensuring technical expertise, value and quality of service as a result of selection of best and reliable consultants to design (Mullins, 2002).

A database administrator performs very critical role in the database management system. Majorly an administrator is in charge of development and maintenance of a database in an organization. After designing the database, he carries out the testing phases. If the designed data base is not achieving all the required functionalities, he writes or corrects the relevant code using programming languages to add the missing functions or to realize the specified requirements. He organizes on the database users training. Then the database administrator can proceed to implementation phase. The database can be implemented immediately or in phases depending on the nature of the organization. Database administrator should plan, coordinate and implement all relevant security measures to safeguard the organization’s information on the database. He decided the data that should be stored on the database, organizes this data for easier retrieval (Meyers, n.d). The administrator also creates different levels of authentication to the users. He ensures that the internal layout optimizes the performance of the information system. Database administrator should prepare a comprehensive documentation to show the steps, standards and detailed description that is required for effective use of the database. In an organization, the database administrator is responsible monitoring and constantly evaluating how well the database meets the required performance standards. The administrator can initiate and manage any necessary enhancements on the database to ensure it remains efficient (Meyers, n.d).

A database administrator must take various precautions in ensuring the patient information in a hospital’s or, a health unit’s database is secure. Data audits should be carried out regularly to ensure there is no data misuse. He should often upgrade access control policies for all the application programs used to update the database. Application spoofing is necessary to ensure hackers do not install malicious applications on the database that would enable them to access the database. Authentication process should always be updated, in case an employee stops working in the hospital all his/her user name and passwords should be removed and denied access to any information on the database. The database administrator should carry out routine checks on the data security to ensure the patient’s information is confidential (Requests for Proposals, November 1995).


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