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In today’s modern business, many firms face numerous challenges from management or employee satisfaction, to services offered to the clienteles. Castle’s Family Restaurant uses policies or HR systems that pose several disadvantages to its operation, thus, minimizing its ability to become established and increase it sales in the marketplace (Castle Restaurant, 2012). For strategic human resource management team, it is vital to implement friendly policies to the work environment. This will help respond to the changing external environment. This paper offers an assessment of Castle’s Family Restaurant and explores on the appropriate HRIS that is cost-effective.

Business Assessment

Castle’s Family Restaurant comprises of small chains of eight restaurants situated in Northern California. It has full time employee of approximately 40% of 340 employees in total (Castle Restaurant, 2012). Traditionally, most restaurants’ daily operations are conducted by the managers. The responsibilities of these managers include performing all human-resource management functions and administrative duties. They hire or fire employees, monitor employee performance, and offer training services to the employees. Under the leadership of Jay Morgan, Castle’s Family Restaurant is operated by one individual (Castle Restaurant, 2012). There is no particular set standard for business operations; most of the things are done on location.



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In addition, Castle’s Family Restaurant operates as a buffet style restaurant that sells shrimp and steak themed buffet. The strengths of the restaurant include a determined base employee structure. This helps it to attain a well-organized interplay of roles throughout the restaurant chain. Conversely, Castle’s Family Restaurant has the weakness of poor decision-making that affects the office atmosphere. It also has a growth record of 3% growth in the previous fiscal year of six out of eight restaurants. However, the other two restaurants recorded a growth rate of 1% in the last fiscal year. Most probably, this economic downturn year calls for an updated HRIS that is cost beneficial to the firm to help increase on sales in the following five years.

Identified Problems

Castle’s Family Restaurant needs to address the several problems it faces currently to record growth in future. One of the problems is that Jay Morgan is both the HR manager and the operations manager and this is a mess for all the eight small chains of restaurants. The second problem is the processing of the payroll using Excel spreadsheet with an automated computer application. Thirdly, with eight chains of restaurants, having 60% of employees as part time is dubious. The final problem is the high cost of gasoline, which in California is predominantly exorbitant. Yet, because of the firm’s HR nature, Morgan must travel to each location to make arrangements, recruit, hire, and respond to employee’s inquiries. To this point, I suppose some hands-on management will count to help run the hospitality sector in an ethical manner.

HRIS Needs Assessment

To address the above problems, an innovative and appropriate HRIS will benefit Castle’s Family Restaurant. Church, et al (2004), affirms that it is vital to “eliminate the use of paper employee manuals and upgrading it to an electronic version.” The firm needs a new HRIS will help manage stock inventory and product ordering. “A tracking system to help track and manage the attendance, employee’s conducts, personal employee information, applicants, and analyze former employees is imperative” (Church, et al 2004).

To this end, I would recommend that the firm implements a management system, particularly, a Database Management System (DBMS). This will help alleviate the present Morgan’s travelling costs. Since Morgan does everything, from human-resource management functions to administrative duties, the DBMS will create numerous database options like, READ, UPDATE, and DELETE database data (Church, et al 2004). This will help maintain data integrity through precision, security by ensuring that only the right people have access to the data, and prevent data loss through backup and recovery capabilities.          

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Castle’s Family Restaurant faces numerous challenges, from human-resource management to administrative functions. This paper has provided an assessment of the firm, unearthed some of the problems, and suggested an appropriate HRIS tool. As an HR experts, I believe that the (DBMS) will help address all the problems that the firm faces presently and record growth in future.


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