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To be successful in such times of high technologies and company competition, a firm should be the high performance organization with all its important components, including suitable style of leadership. There are several theories that characterize a successful leadership.

According to the Michigan Studies, there are two kinds of leadership: employee centered and production centered. It was defined by this theory that more productive is the employee centered one. However, by the Ohio Studies, it was determined that these types should be combined. As a result, Ohio Studies makes a dual emphasis on both consideration and initiating system.  We will examine leadership style of Ross Perot and Mort Meyerson are two successful leaders that run Perot Systems in different times, trying to define which one is better.

It is obvious that Perot´s has a production centered (or initiating structure) style of leadership. He is concentrated mostly on the achievements that should be done. Leader pays a little attention to the people and their needs, considering them as the instrument to do a task. His organization is based on command and control which means that employees should do their tasks as well as possible following the instructions that they are given before. Moreover, Perot provided his employees with training course where company leader should learn how to convince the employees to follow the instruction without asking anything.

In contrast to the Perot´s leadership style, Meyerson follows different convictions while being the leader of the company. His style is based on Ohio studies combining both consideration and initiating structure. The Meyerson´s strategy is also based on achieving goals by all possible means. However, he tries to make his employees feel themselves comfortable in the firm. He motivates them with compensations and rewards. Furthermore, Meyerson provided his workers with training seminars where they learn all necessary skills for creating a good working atmosphere. In addition to this, his style includes also particular industry groups which provide employees with all services that they may need (health care, financial services).

In conclusion, it is obvious that Meyerson´s leadership style, with its combination of consideration and initiating structure, is more successful than Perot´s one and makes the firm one of the leading IT companies in the world.


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