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The Coke bottle is a significant American artifact. It represents that American dream of being the best country all over the globe. The bottle is made in a feminine shape in order to enhance its attractiveness among individuals. The phallic and feminine shape of the Coke bottle makes it easily recognizable even when it is broken in the streets. The Coke bottle artifact relates to the values and beliefs of the American culture in several ways. Firstly, it represents the American belief of being the most beautiful country all over the globe. Secondly, it represents the American value for refreshment after any task. It is vital for individuals to be refreshed adequately according to the American values and beliefs.

White (2005) asserts that the cultural roots associated with the Coke bottle involve the recalling of a woman’s hip in full recline. It is also associated with the pose of beautiful prostitutes in Renaissance paintings and movie stars during the forties. Therefore, it represents the perfection that most American individuals adore. The beautiful representation of the Coke bottle implies that it is a highly valued artifact that has been maintained over generations. Most individuals look forward to ensuring that the Coke bottle is passed on from one generation to another without being altered. It is vital to note that the origin of the Coke bottle is mainly associated with historical events relating to the American Dream. It was a representation of beautiful nature of the American people and the manner in which they were attractive to the world. Additionally, it represented the American culture of supporting other individuals around the globe. It also emanated from the American historical mission of stretching its arms to all parts and refreshing other individuals around the globe hence satisfying the American dream.

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The key cultural period involving the development of the Coke bottle was the development of the art period. Many influential artists were coming up with different drawings and writings relating to beautiful women that were seen in most streets. The American cultural period involving drawings and writings led to the recognition of the bottle as a representation of beauty and true aspects of the American Dreams. The development of traditional American drawings and writings led to the discovery of the beautiful shape of the bottle and the development of the refreshing drink. Therefore, cultural aspects relating to drawings and writings among famous American artists influenced the development of the Coke bottle.

I anticipate that the Coke bottle will be passed on from one generation to another. It may undergo different modifications, but individuals will still adore it. I believe that the Coke bottle will be passed on appropriately from one generation to another without any trouble. The Coke bottle will still be passed on from one generation to another in America and the entire globe because of its immense reflection of beauty and refreshment. Individuals across all generations continue to embrace it with a positive attitude and adornment. I believe that it would still be passed on across generations effectively.

The Coke bottle may undergo minimal evolutions in future. This is because of the feeling that further modifications may spoil and eliminate the beauty in the bottle. All individuals across America and the globe still value the Coke bottle and believe that it is a true representation of ultimate sweetness and beauty. I believe that the bottle may only undergo changes that would make it stay in line with the evolving technology. The changes to the bottle would be appropriately made with adherence to the beauty that the bottle holds.


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