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Verbal, non verbal and emotional exchange of ideas, messages and movements or attitudes refers to communication. Nevertheless, on earth there live several groups of people who pertains their independent culture and cultural norms. Therefore, in one locality every group has its own cultural influences on the communication style and context. Though, every single convent with their specific cultural influence performs its communication which derives huge cultural change even in a local society of New York. This cultural change in the communication often noticed in the urban areas of United States, the biggest multicultural dominant country in the world.

Cultural change and communication variance:

Cultural differences are very obvious when it refers to a multicultural society. United States and more specifically New York have a largely extended multicultural society with a biggest cultural change especially in terms of communicating with each other. Everyone has their independent cultural norms and possesses an individual communication style; moreover, the religious influence also put great impact on the communication. The United State’s urban society not only gives cultural change but also provides an opportunity to keep in touch with range of different kind of people with different cultural backgrounds (Barker 397).

Impact of cultural change:

There are different groups which belong to diverse cultural backgrounds in United State’s urban areas. These groups can be identified as age groups, gender groups, or social class groups; they dominate the public space in the society. However, all the groups have much impact on the cultural change in context of communication. And this cultural change in communication is part and partial of social as well as non social activities.


In multicultural societies the cultural change in terms of communication is quite obvious. The biggest example of communication and cultural change in the world is United State’s society which possesses more than one culture. United States society is also only one example of cultural change as well as possesses unique synchronization of multicultural communication in one unit.


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