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Free «Analyzing the steps while writing an argumentative essay» Essay Sample

An argument is a statement that clearly states the certain position and clearly presents evidence on the support of the position. On the other hand, thesis is defined as the claim or statement of a position. It must be clear and also focusing enough for someone to prove the claim or position in the essay (Wyrick 84). The rest of the argumentative essay must be devoted in proving the position of the writer. In argumentative essay, it is extremely beneficial for logical cohesion in the essay so it should start from one premise, proving it, and then move to the next  argument. All the arguments must serve in order to prove the main point. Moving away from the main point is not being allowed in argumentative essay and the idea does not back the main point and should not be included in the essay. I used the following steps in writing an argumentative essay:

Analyzing of the task

During the task analysis, we look at both sides for it is debatable. Some of the writers might argue for while the other group may argue against the idea. Here, the writer is supposed to state its position, whether you agree or disagree.



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Developing of ideas

Then writer expresses why he/she is for or against the argument (43). Moreover, the context issue comes up whereas, the writer talks about why he/she put the argument in that state and why the writer believes that others should listen to the claims and facts brought forward.


Then writer concludes the argument by reflecting on the introductory part. After that, the key points of the essay are discussed by the writer. Finally, come solutions of the argument essay, e.g. provision of answers to the main questions.

Compare/Contrast Essay

Comparing and contrasting essays are popular types of essay in the academic writing. The essays follows a specific question and that are fairly easy to complete it. There are several ways of writing this type of essay. The structure is the most valuable thing to remember while writing a comparison essay. Most of the structured and brilliant essay writers make small unassuming mistakes like poor or ignorance on structuring essays and any ingenuity falling by the wayside.


In the comparison essay, the paragraphs should be opened generally with generalization, quotation e.t.c.

Topic 1

In this portion, where it consist of paragraph one or several paragraphs, one should cover only the first topic of comparing and contrasting. The essay takes different topics and illustrates how they are dissimilar and similar.

Topic 2

The next portion of this essay consists of more than one paragraph. It should cover the second two topics. This portion of the paper discusses two topics in details.

Topics 1 and 2 Together

After analyzing both topics independently, they are analyzed together in this part at the same time. The section comprises one or even several paragraphs.


The conclusion is like introduction whereby, it must be a thesis generalization. The paragraph expresses your absolute and certainty knowledge on the subject matter. Also, in this section, thesis is reaffirmed and essentially restating it by new words and then shows how you have proved the point or claim.

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 Narrative Analysis

When writing a narrative essay one has to tell a story about a real life experience.  The narrative should be enjoyable and attractive to the readers. The writing should also convey the larger picture of the story. There are five steps to analyze how a narrative essay should look like. The first step is to pre-write the essay. In this phase, students need to think carefully about their life experiences in the context of assignment’s theme.

For instance, narrating about failure in life. A small incident in writing about experience can be a result of a good essay given it has importance for the writer. The narrative essay becomes even more effective when the writer feels an emotional connection with the subject. After the writer has chosen a topic, he should take time to arrange his memories, and recall details about the year, setting, people, and season involved. Creating an outline for the narrative essay will ease the flow of ideas.

The second phase is to draft the essay. In the process of drafting follow the outline and ensure that you bring out the story vividly by the use of following techniques: in personal narrative essay, write in first person and this will give your story an immediacy that holds the readers. Use vivid descriptions to engage the readers rather than to inform them. Avoid glossing over the details when narrating the story given, that readers have no prior knowledge of the story and omitting details can skew their comprehension. The third step is to revise the narrative essay. Here, students need to review, adjust and to reorganize their work with the aim to make it as much as possible perfect.  It’s also the writer’s choice the importance of experience in structuring the essay. Some writers prefer to create this association to theme in the opening paragraph; others will disclose the significance at the end. The fourth step is to edit the essay, through proofreading and correcting grammatical and mechanical errors. One has to edit it in order to improve the writing style and clarity. Lastly, the narrative essay should be published.


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