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My research on architecture centers on ancient Egypt structures, which are still, magnificent to this day. The architects and designers work is in genuine during the era and for many years to come. Their works include the pyramids, temples, palaces, and tombs just to mention a few. These fine pieces of art were aesthetic and included sculptures embedded on the walls of the respective structure especially temples and tombs. The world did not enjoy the relics of the Egyptian civilization until the late 18th century when expeditions made to the Sahara. Among the relics found, the temple of Dendur is one of them and is the focus of my work. Although the temple is small compared to temples like the Dendera or the Ramesses temples, its art is detailed and simply spectacular.

The temple became a public spectacle when it came to the United States and housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The designers of its final resting place were careful to recreate an ambience similar to that of the Nile region. The Roman governor of Egypt, Petronius decreed the construction of the temple as gratitude to the Egyptian gods.

The art on the temple is by reliefs, an art form of raising the surface of intended art from the rest of the wall. The reliefs present day to day activities of the Egyptian community and also the religious side of the people. Ancient Egyptian religion, takes the form of the gods Isis, Osiris and Horus presented with gifts from Pedesi and Pihor. The latter two are the main reason for the temple's construction. The temple has two sections and their respective walls also continue to display the reliefs. Despite its size, the temple of Dendur is a splendid temple. Enjoy.


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