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Sociobiology is described as systematic and scientific study of biological and basis of the forms of the social behavior and all kinds or the organisms which include man and incorporation of knowledge from ecology, ethnology, and genetics, so that it derive general the principles that concerns biological properties of the entire societies.

According to Darwin’s theory on natural selection, environmental and genetic chance necessity, and species was made by God. The mind and the brain exist because it promotes survival and the multiplication of genes which directs its own assembly (Larry & Christopher, 2004). The apparent dilemmas faced therefore were: lacking of any goal external to biological nature for the religions for even religions involved enhanced persistence and the influenced their practitioners. Also, transcendental societies goals dissolving, and our post-ideological regress in societies steadily towards self indulgence and morality evolved as the instinct. Which censors and motivators will be motivated obeyed and which one may better be curtailed or the sublimated.

Even though much of the human diversity in the behavior is influenced culturally, some are shown as genetic and rapid in acquisition of human unpredictability, language, hypertrophy and religions and altruism (Larry & Christopher, 2004). Some of the religious practices are consistently enhancing the procreation and practitioners propagating and physiological controls favor acquisition of practices in the single lifetime. Also, when thinking of submission to the communal will promote fitness of members of tribe and submission to the cults and secular involvement willing to subordination of individual to group. Biological advantages are being conferred by religious practices.

To conclude, the socio-biological research controversy is when applied to humans. The establishment of scientific theory argument for rejection of common doctrine of the tabula rasa that holds human beings born with no innate mental content and culture functioning to increasing the human knowledge and the aid to survival and the success. The same chapter argues about human mind shaped by genetic inheritance as it is through the culture.


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