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Mutations refer to the changes in the DNA in the genome of a cell. The changes are due to radiation, viruses transposons and mutagenical chemicals. They are also caused by errors experienced during the process of meiosis and can be self induced through cellular processes like hypermutation.   

Mutatation can lead into different types of changes in DNA which can either have no effect, change the product of the gene or prevent it from proper functioning. Each cell relies on thousands of proteins to function in the right way. Changes in DNA therefore may lead to errors in the protein sequence and this creates partially functioning or those that don’t function completely (Walcher, et, Al. 1978).These leads to a medical condition. Some mutations on the other hand affect a gene’s DNA sequence but do not change the functioning of the protein made by the gene itself. Studies however, have shown that if a protein happens to be changed it will probably be harmful, with almost 70 percent of the mutation producing damaging effects. The remainder is rendered neutral or of weak benefit. Other studies carried on yeast, however, have proved that only 7 percent mutations are not in genes are harmful (Rusher 1959).

Some mutations have positive results on organisms. They enable the organism being mutated to withstand some of the environmental stresses compared to the other wild-type organisms. In most cases mutation becomes more common through natural selection in a population. It is true that most mutations cause problems to organisms with some even having lethal effects. At the same time not all mutations are harmful. Most are caused by errors in the copying of DNA strand. They therefore have three major effects: a positive effect, a negative effect, or no effect at all. The negative effects threaten the survival of an organism and will not accumulate since they kill the organism even before it reproduces. Mutations with positive effects or no effect at all accumulates in a populations’ genome.

It is therefore difficult to understand      this claim. This is because anything mutations can do, they are able to undo. Creationists too have put their claim on this argument with their claims only leaving undefined information. More information have also been known to evolve over this issue.


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