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Atrica, Inc is one of the leading technological and visionary industry pioneer providers of Carrier Ethernet transport solutions for metropolitan area networks. The company established in 2000, based in Santa Clara, California with sales offices in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America provides a full range of Carrier Ethernet transport solutions to various service providers who deliver Metro Ethernet services (Pan, 2008). The company provides various products among them carrier Ethernet core switches, carrier Ethernet aggregation switches, carrier Ethernet edge switches, and service platform for Ethernet networks among others. Additionally, the company provides Ethernet Internet access, Ethernet transparent LAN, T1 private line, Ethernet private line, and Ethernet private network services(Pan, 2008)..

A part from providing Ethernet internet services, the company additionally provides solutions for solutions for incumbent local service providers, competitive carriers, cable operators, and enterprises. ATRICA’s Carrier Ethernet products are unique in the market hence the products offered by the company is a combination of various Ethernet technology benefits. With this fact the company has become famous as the Ethernet solution provider since the products offered by this company has various benefits among them low-cost, proven scalability, ease of management and ubiquity in the enterprise market ( Using the Carrier Ethernet solutions, various service providers can deliver the ultimate broadband triple play services to their businesses as well as residential customers through a single universal transport network within a limitation of SLAs, sub-50ms network-wide resiliency(Pan, 2008).

Being a visionary leading provider of carrier Ethernet solutions, the company has turned to Sybase technology creating a scalable as well as easy solution to its customers. The company currently uses Ethernet model for local area networks (LANs) which has helped the company escalate to a universal Ethernet transport solution. The company serves various clients among them teir-1 carriers such as France Telecom in Europe, Light Path Cable Vision and Cox Communications in the United States, as well as KVH Telecom and Hokkaido Telecom in Japan. Additionally, the company uses Aspen solution based on SQL Anywhere technology in which the servers used by the company are UNIX-based .Using the SQL Anywhere technology, the installation can be carried out either with all the servers installed in the same station or in a decentralized manner on a number of stations (Pan, 2008). The company’s pricing differs substantial depending on the service being offered to the customer.


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