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The restaurant which I carried out my observations is McDonald’s Restaurant located in Panorama City, California. Specifically, I carried out my research on 9th and 10th December at 11.00 am in the morning. I did my research while sitting inside the restaurant because I had gone there to take snack hence during that period, I found a opportunity to carry out my research as well as document my observations. I sat in the middle of the restaurant to get a clear view of what goes in the restaurant as well as to document clearly how the employees interact with the customers. The building is a concrete structure, painted with white painting both inside and outside. Additionally, the building has been decorated with beautiful flowers with gives the restaurant an amazing and beautiful view from the outlook. Like any other international restaurant, the seats have been arranged neatly in a systematic order in rows and columns. Each row and column has a definite number of seats thus twenty.

The colour of the seats compliments the building colour which is white giving the restaurant an outstanding look. The restaurant is a branch of McDonald’s global corporation which is a one of the worldwide leading chains of hamburger and fast food restaurants serving approximately 70 million customers on a daily basis (Charles, 2009). McDonald’s Restaurant located in Panorama City, California is family based restaurant serving approximately hundred thousands customers on daily basis. Located at the center of Panorama City, the McDonald's Restaurant is a leading restaurant in the city serving customers from different cultures, religion, occupation, background and education (Emmanuel, 2004).

The restaurant primarily sells fast food such as hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken, French fries, breakfast items as well as other soft drinks, shakes and desserts. To meet the ever increasing demand, the restaurant offers other food items such as salads, wraps, smoothies and fruit drinks. The restaurant serves various customers from different backgrounds including people from Africa thus Africans, whites and people from Arabic countries. The restaurant takes into consideration various needs of the customers hence all the customer’s are served on equal basis without any discrimination. While I was at the restaurant, it was quiet evident that the restaurant serves various kinds of people from different occupation and social classes. The majority of the people who visited the restaurant were young people of age 18- 35 years old.

This age category frequently visited the restaurant to purchase hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken and French fries. Teenagers too of age 12-18 years old frequented the restaurant to purchase hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken and French fries but this age category bought fruit drinks in large quantities too unlike the 18-25 age category who were only interested in food. Though, older people of age 35-50 visited the restaurant most of them were only purchasing for their children who had accompanied them to the restaurant. Only, 10% of older people who visited the restaurant bought something to eat. A larger percentage of people who visited the restaurant were females hence my conclusion was that most females like fast food compare to males. In terms of clothing, customers who visited the restaurant wore different kinds of fashion ranging from formal to informal clothing. Some of them were wearing jeans, t-shirts, miniskirts, suits, traditional clothes among other fashion styles.

In terms of occupation, the restaurant has a strong customer base hence looking at the customers being served on daily basis, it is clear that the customers are from different occupations. Though, majority of the customers being served in the restaurant are university students, college and high school students who don’t care about their health issues. The customers who purchase fast foods as well as food items offered by McDonald restaurant are of different ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds among them Africans, whites, Arabs, Indians, Japanese, Chinese, Philippians, Spanish among others (Emmanuel ,2004).Additionally, the restaurant serves all it customers on equal basis without minding the religion of the customer that is being served. Since good customer relation is associated with business success and growth, McDonald, has respect for its customers hence each and every customer is treated with respect. The business considers it customers needs first hence all the customers are treated special with dignity and respect. Employees, talk to the customers politely, with sense of humor as well as in a respectable manner (Emmanuel, 2004).

When it comes to staff to staff communication and interaction, they interact with each other well with respect and dignity. Each staff is treated respectable without humiliation as well as discrimination. Communication was seen as a significant factor while I was in the restaurant hence I concluded that communication is important in any business, if the business needs to succeed. While I was at the restaurant, the most commonly used language was English, though in exceptional situations other languages such as Chinese and Japanese was used for those customer’s who cannot fluently communicate in English. Compared to other restaurant around, both restaurants have a strong respect for their customers. All the customers are treated with dignity and respect without any forms of discrimination. In terms of customer’s being served daily, McDonald has a larger customer base compared to other restaurants. Customers prefer McDonald’s fast foods as well as drinks compared to other restaurants around it.

Naturalist’s observations, is an interesting way to conduct any research because it gives an individual an opportunity to collect first hand information hence increasing the accuracy of the information being collected as well as the outcome of the research. I found it interesting to conduct my research with McDonald restaurant hence during my research process, I did not encounter any challenges or problems.


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