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These days we have all developed into being emotionally involved in our mobile phones. Mobile phones make our lives easier than it is, because of the programs and tasks that help us in order to communicate with our family, friends, and all the people that I care about. However, the cell phones have more than a key, and these keys we can use them in order to communicate through text messages or what we call “texting”. Also, texting help us to be very social through messages and send them to the people I care about. In fact, the text message helps us to chat with our friends without looking to their eyes. Texting message these days is being one of the very important things in the day life and will be very problem to our life. However, the people who like to text message a lot, they would text every day and every time even if they are driving. To be safe and to be a good driver yu ought to focus on the street and control the wheel while you are driving. Not only if you stopped texting while driving you will be safe, also you should not eating while driving, chatting while driving, dancing while driving and staring to the others drivers cars because all these action will take your attention away. However, the action that I am focusing on is texting message behind the wheels while driving because most of the accidents that happened in our community was because texting message behind the wheels. In fact, I have seen a lot of people texting message behind the wheels when they were waiting the green light to come. Not only waiting the green light also on the roads such as highways and streets. Texting message is very dangerous and scary at the same time.



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Texting and driving should be prohibited in the United States because what it brings to the community. In fact, The AAA Foundation for the Traffic Safety, mentioned that 87 percent of people who drives were texting or sending e-mails and that can cause a very dangerous to the other drivers who share the same road with the drivers who text behind the wheels. The distractions of car drivers happen when they are driving their cars and sending text messages by their cell phones. The studies proof the texting messages is one of the most dangerous tool. However, According to the Miami Hurricane on November 3, 2009 by Collen Dourney, George Bauxali, a police officer who works at the University of Miami, said that texting and driving slows drivers’ response time by 35 percent. Also, driving under the weight of alcohol slows the response time by 12 percent. As said by the Department of Transportation, 16 percent of all deadly accidents in the United States were because of unfocused driving.

As a very good driver who cares about the safety, I admit that sometimes when you receive a text message while you are driving your car, you really want to open it in that moment you don’t think about what could happen if you didn’t pay attention to the road or you took your eyes off the road. Actually texting and driving turns to be a very dangerous disease to all people and especially teenagers. One of my friends (Abdullah) had an accident that happened because of texting message while he was driving. He was in his senior year of high school. He said, “It was late in the evening and I decided to visit one of my best friends because they were having a party by that I was planning to attending earlier but I was working on my homework.” While Abdullah was on his way to his best friend’s party he was texting his friends and asked them about the party and if they needed anything from a grocery store and they said some coals to BBQ. After that, He stopped at a grocery store to buy coals. When he bought coals at the grocery store, he went to this friend’s party. He was texting his friends and they were texting him back and he didn’t pay attention to the road. Abdullah said, “I tried to ignore the phone but I couldn’t.” Then he drove his car to his friend’s party. Abdullah said, “ when I was texting my friend, there was no car on the street and the road was clear.” Suddenly, he didn’t see the black small car on the right side of the road. He was continuing texting back and forth to his friends till his friend Ahmed texted him “Drive safe.” When Abdullah read his friend’s text he smiled and when he looked at the road. All the sudden he crash the black car that was driving very gently and he didn’t expect that small black car will be on his way.

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Before Abdullah had the accident, he was knowing about the dangerous that will come from the texting when you are driving. However, Abdullah put himself and his family in a very shame situation. Actually, he put himself and his family in an extremely expensive car accident. But fortunately he had no injuries also the other driver and his passengers. Abdullah had to work double shifts during summer, in order to fix and repair his car back to look like normal. The total cost was expected to be twelve thousand Saudi Riyals (which around three thousand dollars).

It took Abdullah five months to earn the amount of money needed to fix his car. After the accident, Abdullah learned some lessons in his life from that accident and these lessons cost him around three thousand dollars. Abdullah said, “That accident taught me to be a very good driver and taught me to not be a careless driver”. Also Abdullah said, “I will not text while I am driving anymore, and I am really sorry about what I’ve done to the other driver and his passengers and I think the texting while driving should be prohibited.”

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Texting become very dangerous not for the adult drivers but also to the teenage drivers. In fact, cell phones are easy way of communication these days.. Texting and driving should be prohibited in the United States because it brings a lot of problems, damages and wasting money to our society. In fact, don’t be surprised if you realized that most of the accident these days are because texting behind the wheels.

The mos distraction for most of the drivers in nowadays is texting while driving. According to insurance.com, the statistics show that the driver distraction, focusing in activities that take your attention away from the street, is one of the reasons that cause accidents for drivers who are 19-35 years old.

Texting while driving also increases the probability of being normal in some forms of auto accidents. In fact, in The American Journal of Public Health, there are just some moments before an accident, drivers usually almost five seconds are looking at their cell phones when they are sending or receiving a text message or a phone call. Five seconds is an enough amount of time to cover more than a football field length. In a research study performed at the University of Utah, it showed that college doctors who are using a complicated driving simulator, showed an eight times bigger crash risk when texting while driving than when they not texting. Also, there are some studies explain that drivers who talking on mobile phones are four times more risk to being involved in a crash than other drivers who don’t text while driving. Also, about the problem of texting behind the wheels, research states who work and took notes about texting messages behind the wheels rise the risk to a greater risk to drivers than any other distractions (Heidi E., N., & Katherine M. White).

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These days, individual safety on our streets is very important to us. That’s way the government put their effort in order to reduced the number for the careless drivers. Also, the government made a lot of ads to help the adult drivers and the teenage driver to understand and to be careful about the dangerous that comes the texting behind the wheels. Not only the government put some ads, the government also, put some laws such as the fines to the careless drivers and tickets in order to make the streets a safer place for everyone.

However, many states in the United States and some countries have approved prohibited to limit the usage of the mobile phones to reduce the number of the careless driver. Also, it is not global plan and it is hard. In fact, the penalties are sometimes very cheap and sometimes very expensive it is depend on the action. Actually, California put a $20 fine and the other States put expensive penalty fine. The penalty points on your driving license and in the United Kingdom up to 7 years in jail texting behind the wheels is a very dangerous action. In August 2008 in the United Kingdom, a policy about texting which was if anyone break this policy will be punished up to 5 years in jail.

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Some drivers are doing more than one thing at same time and most of the drivers have a cell phone. In a review showed in the United Kingdom, 37% admit to texting while he was driving at the same time (Robinson, 2008). Most of the drivers use their cell phone while they waiting in the traffic. However, the voice communication such as calling your friends was the most dangerous problem before the driver started texting for long time. In fact, text messaging has become very popular communication that used anytime. Also, texting is used for those who under the age of 25 and they use texting to update their status such as facebook, twitter and google plus.

We use a lot of technology when we drive to our home, work and shop. However, these technology sometimes effect our life sometime in good way sometimes in bad ways. In fact, we can replace the texting while driving with something more fun and more safety. For example, The tool which is hands free in all vehicles such as the On Star program by now in place of most of the newer GMC models in the US (New Research 2011).

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Also, the adult drivers and the teenager driver can buy some tools to help them to pick up the phone while driving such as headphones. The government searching and telling the drivers to buy the items that could help the adult drivers and the teenage drivers. Also, the government is working to purchase many more items to help the drivers and to help the passenger while they on the road.

Also, focusing on the safety first because it is what really matter. And be careful and aware from the fines and the tickets because it is very expensive. Not only very expensive but also if you have a lot of penalty that means you have a lot of points and maybe your license will suspend for one year.

In conclusion, we all know that we should be careful while we are on the road driving not because of us and to the other drivers who share the road with us. Also, we should not do more than one thing at the same time because it is very hard even when you are a very good at doing that. One day you will make a mistake and you will regret about that. Also, don’t eat while you are driving and doing take off your eyes on the road because you will not be focus anymore. Try to pay attention on the road because there are a lot of drivers who cares about their lives. Also, try to use headphones while you are on the road.


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