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Using the critical thinking skills you have gained and the materials provided for this assignment, identify two possible strategies that Thomas Hutchinson or Samuel Adams, or both, likely used to develop and improve his thinking prior to taking a stand and acting according to his beliefs.

Samuel Adams visualized problems solutions to the problems he was encountering. Once Samuel had a problem, he would formulate appropriate scenarios and gather information in order to realize the result. These two critical thinking skills helped with the solutions needed in the Boston Tea Party. When making plans for the Boston Tea Party, they visualized the answer after thinking through all the situations that they would have faced. By using scenarios that were relevant with their situation, they were in a position to plan counter strikes in a more effective way.

Explain the importance of building a foundation for critical and creative thinking when evaluating historical events such as the Boston Tea Party

It is vital to establish a formidable critical and creative thinking foundation when one evaluates historical occurrences. It allows one to evaluate how and why the society has changed. When one thinks creatively he can put himself in the shoes of historical personalities by visualizing the events and asking why the leaders passed the resolutions. These implies that someone who is thinking critically will figure out what the people involved in the struggle felt like, how they earned a living, and how they could react to British law and the warfare.



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Explain the basis of the moral judgments made by Samuel Adams and Thomas Hutchinson.

Samuel thought what was taking place in the society at the time was wrong. This was the background for his moral judgments and this encouraged him to apply his writing skill as a weapon. He wrote for various magazines and newspapers articles that attacked the British. This is the reason behind his protest against the 1765 Stamp Act. He was also majorly involved during the Boston Tea Party formation. Hutchison was pretty strict and because he never agreed with most of issues, his house was reduced to ashes. Hutchison the main person to blame for not allowing ships carrying tea to dock.

What steps do you think Samuel Adams and Thomas Hutchinson took toward becoming individuals and which steps ultimately made them such important historical figures?

Both Thomas Hutchison and Samuel Adams recognized their point of view by being honest and open about them. Samuel sought to make the American society much better and he voiced his views. On the other hand, Thomas Hutchinson strictly followed rules and regulations that were imposed on the society. Even though both made attempts to be respected figures in the society, they had different approaches. Thomas was a governor in Massachusetts while Samuel was among the early protestors of the British rule. Both were great leaders and they implemented critical thinking in various spheres of their time.

In this class, we have discussed common habits that hinder critical thinking. Which of these habits may have been a factor in how Samuel Adams and Thomas Hutchinson viewed the issues that led to the Boston Tea Party? How could they have overcome those habits?

There are several issues that hinder critical thinking in the society, for instance, conformity, resistance to change, stereotyping, self-deception, excuses-face saving, and a “mine is better” attitude. Some of these habits were instrumental in the events that led to the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Massacre would have discouraged individuals; however, it triggered the American Revolutionary War. They would have overcome this by encouraging individuals to be resistant to change in as much as some of them were victims of the massacre. Thomas considered the Stamp Act unwise but encouraged its strict implementation, which resulted in his house being reduced to ashes. He could have avoided this by not encouraging its implementation.

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What is one important distinction you could not overlook making when critically evaluating the information provided in these materials about the Boston Tea Party? Clarify the importance of that distinction

Samuel and Hancock were the moving spirit behind the Boston Tea Party. Even though Gen. Thomas Gage had issued a warrant of arrest for the two individuals, they evaded the punishment and continued to stir up lethargic patriots. The distinction is relevant since it led to the Boston Tea Party. The party would not have occurred if they have given up or if they would have shy off after a warrant of arrest had been issued against them. Furthermore, Thomas refused to allow tea-loaded ships clear the Boston Harbor and this consequently resulted to the Boston Tea Party.

What strategies of critical reading, listening, and viewing did you utilize when evaluating the provided materials?

I utilized several critical reading strategies when evaluating the provided reading materials, for instance, contextualization. I placed both texts in their historical, cultural, and biographical context. I read critically so that I could recognize differences between my contemporary attitudes and values and represented in the reading. I outlined and summarized what I had read in the readings. I identified the main ideas and restated them in my own words. This helped in understanding the structure and content of the reading. Outlining helped to reveal the basic structure of the reading while summarizing created a brief synopsis of events.

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Considering what you have learned about the Boston Tea Party, Samuel Adams, and Thomas Hutchinson, apply your creativity to describe what could have been done proactively to avoid the incident.

Would it not have been for Adams and Thomas, the Boston Tea Party would not have seen the light of the day. Even though they were issued a warrant of arrest, they evaded the punishment and continued to encourage people to participate. Gen. Thomas Gage was not firm in his actions since he issued a warrant of arrest to Adams but he went scot free. Gen. Thomas should have been firm with his words by ensuring that the individuals who were behind the Boston Tea Party were arrested and fined. This would have discouraged other individuals from taking part in the event. Additionally, the government would have silenced the individuals by stopping the sale of their newspaper articles and magazines since it is through media outlets that incitement took place.

What techniques could you use to regain a level of curiosity about history or other subjects you learned about previously in school?

Pursuing an investigative learning approach provides the most reliable learning modl for history. The technique involves finding out the fact behind an issue by first examining the rationale behind it. This will make the learning interesting by encouraging curiosity among the learners since they will desire to understand more concerning the subject in question. Revising previous content can also be of major benefit. I will read will go through subjects I have done before to provide a foundation for the current subject. This will also help in ensuring that I ask relevant questions about the current reading.

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Explain at least two key elements for producing ideas that you believe led the American colonists to the Boston Tea Party and the eventual American Revolution.

The Boston Tea Party resulted from two issues which were facing the British Empire in 1773. First, the financial wrangles that were being faced by the British East India Company played a role. Secondly, there was the ongoing dispute concerning the level of parliament authority in the British American colonies in terms of seating elected representatives. Even though the North Ministry attempted to resolve these issues, it resulted in a showdown, and eventually this culminated in the American Revolution.


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