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Business law covers the business activities with legitimate bindings. One of the very common segments of business law is agreement and contract. The agreement is to note down the rules and principles of business that are mutually decided by the parties. After signing of agreement it is obligatory to each party to follow all of the agreed rules and principles. Any violation will automatically bring the agreement into breach of agreement. And the agreement will not more effective after breaching.

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Case mini-brief for scenario 9.3:

In the scenario 9.3 there are two parties one is land lord and the second is tenant. The agreement exists between tow parties clearly define that the tenant should only reside in the leased property. And if any change happens a prior consent of land lord is mandatory and land lord decision will be effective. Here we can see the tenant does not inform and doesn’t get any prior consent from land to assign the lease property to his friend, for last three months of lease which is violation of agreement. And the land lord does not allowed to the friend of tenant to reside in the lease property which is actually according to the rules of agreement and law.

Here the assigner (land lord) has powers to veto the transfer of tenancy to the third party. The assignee (tenant) has violated the agreement clause of transfer to third party. Therefore, the land lord has full rights to act against the change of assignee which is by the law and agreement is come into to criteria of breach of contract/agreement. Thus, according to the law the land lord is right and tenant is wrong in this scenario.


The business law and any other law have very clear-cut definitions and bindings. Following the law and rules in its true spirit is the right way to continue and violation will automatically bring breach of agreement. Therefore, law and rules have to be realized with its true spirit to not to come into the situation like defined in the above case scenario.


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