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My goal for being interested in taking a part-time MBA program is to gain skills the build my capacity and to work at the level of management. The most outstanding advantage is the flexibility of the program in terms of time and hence the cost involved, especially for self- sponsored students. Considering the fact that I am paying for my studies, the part-time nature of the program gives me an opportunity to determine the length of time I want to study and to effectively budget for it. The world class programs combined with the part time nature of these programs as are offered by Ross MBA would perfectly fit into my work-study plan. In addition the program has a dual benefit; increase my knowledge through study; as well as effectively applying the knowledge gained at the workplace.

Importantly, an aspect of learning that is special to Ross Business School is the teamwork in the process of learning. Teamwork makes studying interesting as students gain from the varied perspectives and experiences, which often are practical solutions to day to day problems encountered in the workplace. I will have an opportunity to share my own experiences while getting the views of fellow students thus creating an environment of passionate sharing of knowledge. The existence of consulting clubs means that reliable answers to challenging questions would be easily found. The relationship between the students and the lecturers is amicable at Ross Business School, thus creating free environment where inquiries can be made.

Furthermore, one of the inspiring successes of studying at Ross is forming long lasting friendships with fellow student and even with the lecturers; a consequence of extensive teamwork and interaction. The vital link between Ross business school and industry will offer me excellent hands on experiences, thus preparing me for related tasks in the career I will to choose to pursue. In addition, the challenges that combined work and study will bring in terms of time constraints will make me a better time manager and will prepare me to meet every challenge that come my way.

In conclusion, I believe that with the great passion that I have for knowledge and my goal to gain a wide variety of skills and experiences that are essential for career change, Ross Business School will adequately build my capacity. The experience that I will gain; the friends that I will make, and the subsequent increase in my chances of finding a job in any company in the business industry inspire me. Taking a part-time MBA at Ross school of Business is one big decision I know I will never regret.


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