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Now business has transformed its norms from conventional to technological. Therefore, nowadays, electronic presence of a business is essential and more effective than running the business with the conventional norms. Internet revolution in the field of commerce not only opened the world wide market but also become the major source of doing business. Now customers are so concerned to have an enterprise with electronic presence. Therefore, electronic business activity is damn important and became standard of a quality business.

Hereinafter, the sporting publication is also facing the sluggish circumstance with their conventional business method. The amount of subscribers is not only stagnant but reducing day-by-day, at the same time, the cost of doing business is increasing by 5% per year. The worst situation has influenced the management of sporting publications to think and does something concrete about the future of magazine.      

After a careful consideration of the prevailing market situation the only way out is to turn the magazine into an E-Zine mode. In the age of radical changes technically as well as methodologically the only solution is to synchronize the business with the market trends, otherwise, the business will not sustain anymore in the high technological competition with the conventional business norms. Therefore, E-Zine is the only solution.      



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Online presence and business persona:

The dot com revolution has changed the conventional norms of doing business. Nevertheless, in fact, not only changed the conventional norms but also changed and expanded the market from local, national to the world wide level with a click of mouse. The online presence of business not only needs a website but also a business persona which attract the customers. Although, it is easy to get virtual presence of a business but it would became difficult when it come to practicality and attractive portrayal of the business. On the other hand, online market has bunch of completion, therefore, it is hard to get success with a technically and artistically weaker online presence/business persona. It should be clear to everyone that a comprehensive and offer close to the customer needs with perfect consideration of market segmentation is only successful on the internet because customer has quick approach to the options. There are several online E-Zine examples to study, evaluate and make your one the best of them.

E-business revenue earning options:

E-business not only allows you to do a specific trading or service providing which was business like sporting publications was doing with conventionally. In contrast, electronic business provide more options to enhance revenues of your business from different other sources. The other revenue earning sources are mainly third party advertisement programs. In the online business activity there are several hundred advertisement agencies that offer to advertise a third party business and add a sufficient amount in your revenue (Oxer, 2007). However, in fact, online business is the ultimate solution to the today’s market trend. The other revenue earning options available are:

1. Classified advertisement                                          2. In text advertisement

3. Pay per click                                                           4. Web banner

Classified advertisement:

Classified advertisement is most common type of online other revenue earning model. Classified advertisement is too common as well as most regular other revenue earning source on the internet. A classified ad consists on four to five line marketing message is a third party advertisement content and the third party will pay to the advertiser. However, having more classified advertisements is not accomplishment it needs more traffic on the E-Zine to have more clicks on the advertisement which will drive revenues. Altogether, more traffic needs an arranged and sufficient marketing strategy.

In-text advertisement:

In text advertisement is a contextual advertisement. It based on the relevant world to the advertisement. For instance, the word bowler or ground is most relevant to the E-Zine periodicals and services. Therefore, if E-Zine website adopt in text advertisement it is also beneficial to earn other revenues from its website. The ads will appear onto the relevant word in the text. At the same time it is a high traffic generation tool to use as internet marketing. The sporting publication can also get sufficient traffic through advertising its own website with in-text advertisement. This is beneficial for both purposes to earn other revenues and to market the periodical.

Pay per click:

Pay per click is most common and one of the high rewarding revenue model but need high traffic. The most appropriate example of this kind of extra revenue earning model is “Google ad sense” it provides marketers to host third party ads. The pay per click revenue earning model is quite relevant to this kind of revenue earning model. Hence, the pay per click revenue earning model is prominent, famous and largely used by the websites to enhance their revenues.

Web banner:

Web banner is another mode of revenue earning from third party advertisement on your website. As banner covers a large space, therefore, it is mandatory to design a website with consideration of provision of banners. Normally, banners are offered to the websites with high traffic. Therefore, for a banner’s extra earning scheme it is mandatory to have sufficient traffic to the website. Moreover, banners allow prominently showcasing the products and services, at the same time, having high return in shape of revenue. There are many type and size of web banners which is just like the banners hanged on the streets and road. Web banner revenue earning strategy is quite successful as well as prominent form of online marketing. A sufficient provision for banner on the website can gear up the revenues.

Type of E-commerce application:

No special type of E-commerce application is needed for each of the above said extra earning models. The only thing which needed for the pay per click, classified advertisement and web banner is sufficient space on the website and an arranged website. Another thing which is not only for earning the extra revenue but also for getting the third party ads is traffic. For instance, Google ad sense requires to have sufficient traffic on your website to get the ads, otherwise, it is impossible to get ads. So, traffic is particular in getting the ads and earning the extra income.

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My recommendations:

A number of other revenue earning sources are available online. Most of them are quite easy to adopt and patch up with any website application. The same are described above but not the all of them can be applied in one website. Therefore, the major thing in selection of other revenue earning source for your website is to select the best rewarding and high rated one.

My recommendation for the website of E-Zine is not one source, I will recommend two other revenue earning sources for E-Zine website for first phase. As we know that sporting publication is launching its new E-Zine, therefore, it needs multi revenue earning sources to get the sufficient other revenue for its overheads. My recommended ones are “Google ad sense” and “Web banner”. Both are quite good in presentation and pertains high returns and both are very common as well.

In addition, I recommend “Google ad sense” only for first phase, when the website has extraordinary traffic. Then there is no need of having pay per click advertisement, it should considered a professional and more attractive other revenue earning scheme. Web banner is professional and an attractive mean of third party advertisement and most sufficient other revenue earning source. Therefore, my recommendation for other revenue earning would be in first phase both “Google ad sense” and “Web banner” and in second phase when website has extraordinary traffic “Web banner”.


Sporting publication’s E-Zine:

Systematic exercises of internet marketing techniques are largely fruitful to divert the traffic on E-Zine of sporting publications. In addition, the current market competition put it into hard to grip the market and snatch a part of business from others. Therefore, a high ranking traffic on the website is only possible with the appropriate aerobics of internet marketing techniques. At the same time, a strong business persona and high quality services can only make the difference.

Business persona and quality services:

To be a sustainable business and a lasting entity it is much important to have good business persona and quality products/services. A good business persona can be recognized through a good appearance and quick response from the valued customers. And quality products are the guarantee of repeat visit and referrals. These two core element of business are guarantee to the high rewards from the internet marketing efforts. If anything lack from both of them the marketing efforts would became ruined. Therefore, it is important to have the best for receiving the best. The traffic generation or enhancement is not much hard than maintaining a constant traffic flow which is only possible with a perfect business persona and quality products.

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Internet marketing methodologies:

There are a number of internet marketing techniques available to market the online business its brands/services. However, very little of them are frequently used and most dominantly pursued. Some of them are defined below:

1.         Article marketing                                             2.         Search engine optimization

3.         Classified advertisement                                  4.         In text advertisement

5.         Google ad words                                            6.         Web banner                                       

Article marketing:

Article marketing is most common and largely inn trend of internet marketing. It is very cheap put not extra cost other than a sufficient skill of writing (Ratliff, 2010).

  • Very common but very large source of diverting traffic to the specific website
  • Very cheap with no need of extra budget but needs a sufficient skill of writing
  • A comprehensive source of communication with customers
  • A complete message to convey to the customers
  • Ultimate influence to insist the reader to divert to the specific website

Search engine optimization (SEO):

Search engine marketing technique is quite technological and direct marketing technique to reach the customers. The technology of search engine optimization consists on the specific search words which most people search for their interests/troubles. Search engine optimization is a high rewarding marketing tool but at the same time very technical and wide-ranging process (Ashworth, 2010).

  • A direct method to divert the traffic to the specific website
  • More technical than any other internet marketing technique
  • A good internet marketing technique with high reward
  • Simple but technical and time taking
  •  Speedy rewards after a sluggish process

Classified advertisement:

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As classified advertisement is used to earn other revenue, it is also very common as well as most regular internet marketing technique. A classified ad can be prepared like “You can find everything about cricket because supporting publication E-Zine has ultimate!!” It will ultimately hit the target market and increase the traffic of the website.

  • A regular and most common marketing activity
  • No need of special skills it is simple and straight
  • No high investment needed, a low cost marketing solution
  • Unexpectedly high returns if properly utilized
  • An advance but at the same time conventional marketing technique

In-text advertisement:

In text advertisement is another very low cost and emerging tool of advertisement. Sporting publications can utilize this tool to advertise their services. The technique is to advertise the services or product on the relevant world to the advertisement. For instance, the word match or venue is most relevant to the sporting publications E-Zine services. Therefore, it would be influential to divert a sufficient traffic to the website.

  • An emerging but very easy mode of advertisement
  • Low cost solution with high returns
  • Advertise much more with least investment
  • Attractive outlook of ad create center of attention to the customer
  • A high number of traffic can be achieved to affiliate the in-text advertisers

Google ad words:

A Google ad word is another very low cost and very common source of marketing. Google is most used search engine and it has initiated its “Google ad words” service which provides your business a featured space in the search results. For instance, if some user searches for the upcoming and historic match details, if the defined keywords match with your keywords your ad may appear next to the search results as featured links (Hall, 2010).

  • Again low rated solution with high retunes
  • No need of extra skills just put keywords into the Google ad words system
  • Very regular source of marketing due to the high ranking search engine “Google”
  • Simple but systematic
  • Speedy implementation and speedy results

Web banner:

Web banner is one of the high paying and most professional way of advertising third party ads. It is just like the banners hanging on the roads advertisement some business or service same as that the banners are pasted on the webs which is considered high rewarding technique of earning other income. However, web banner needs a high rank of traffic to get the best and high revenue ads.

  • Most professional way of earning other revenue for the business
  • High rewarding returns if there is high traffic on the website
  • Perfect outlook which influence the website persona
  • A high business deal with no other investment
  • It can create radical change in financials

Virtual communities:

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Virtual community is a concept to gather people on one spot and to make a social network. This social network should be built on the mutual interest and exchange of interest with best tools available. Taking this virtual community concept to the sporting publication’s E-Zine website it can be much influential to get more traffic to their website and enhance the subscriptions. Many renowned and well established business’s websites have already doing this virtual community practice which give the visitors/interest holders a platform to discuss and get information about their interests.

A cricket website having a quality virtual community is a hotcake service for the zealous cricket audience. It shows to the visitors and members that E-Zine website of sporting publications is not offering the same magazine but it added value to the service to provide a platform to the visitors where they can discuss and share. There might be a change that the virtual community could become the major source of traffic and or enhancement in the subscriptions. Therefore, the idea of virtual community is the best idea for a passionate interest website if properly handled and persuaded.

Cricket E-Zine community:

Cricket is a passionate game in the world. The people who like cricket always in search of the other people to deliberately discuss the game the teams and the upcoming trends of cricket. Therefore, cricket E-Zine community is the most appropriate option to attract the visitors and keep them coming to the website. A very organized layout of community/forum can provide a smooth activity to the visitor. The community should be complete, then, it will also helpful to gather the information and read the mindset of cricket lovers for specific and overall cricket scenario. On the other hand, it would be also beneficial for the visitors to expose their idea or mindset to the large amount of people. Therefore, the idea of cricket community is beneficial for both the sporting publications and the visitors/customers. It must be called value added service beneficial for both.

Some constituents of successful E-Zine community:

For a successful and visitor attractive community some constituents should be considered and work out:

Overall community image:

It is most important to have a good community image. Due to the tough competition there are several hundred cricket communities which are providing the same service. Therefore, it is important to have an extraordinary community image, because, first impression is the last impression. 

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Open community:

The community should be open to all and allow everyone to add topics and events to get response about their mindset. This will ultimately provide self reflection to the visitors in shape of other’s response to their mindset.

Tool to tell the feelings:

The community must have some tools like smiles and other things to transform the inner zeal into the exposed expression. It will ultimately give a soothing effect to the feeling of a passionate cricket audience to share their feelings with others.

Most relevant topics to discuss:

The community must have the most relevant topics to discuss so that the cricket lovers come and contribute their ideas to the topic. If the topics have already posted on the community forum the visitors feel more keenness to put their idea towards the topic.

Polls and ratings:

The polls and ratings is another tool to emerge the visitor’s interest to the community. Polls about the matches about the venues about teams and about single players create good activity to grasp the interest of visitors. On the other hand, the rating activity also put interest into the visitors to contribute their vote to rate.

All the constituents discussed above are very helpful and definite to the creation of interest in the visitors. In straightforward all the above constituents are discussing visitors, therefore, it has very close relation with the visitors. It will also helpful to increase the sporting publications E-Zine subscription, thus, it has benefits and benefits if properly dealt.  

Security threats:

            Every website which is online on the World Wide Web has to face much security threats which demands to take countermeasures. The three major website security threats are:

  • System security
  • Information security
  • Site’s not working properly

System security:

The first and most important security threat is system security. System security means no one should be able to edit the website functionalities, cannot change the security measures taken and the information of business/clients. Therefore, system security is the first and most important aspect of web security, it is important to be ardent about the security of the web server. So that, any hacker cannot take risk to alter the information of your server. System security is the utmost priority of an e-business website especially when it is operated on your own Web server.

Information security:

After system security the second important task for the security of a website is to ensure the security of information stored in the website. For instance, the sensitive business information and client’s personal data/credit cards information etc to safeguard the business information as well as client’s information is the utmost responsibility of the operator of the site.

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Information security is not possible without a systematic and strong way of securing the web things. It needs to install sypware preventing software and manual checking of threats. The information security is the most important element of doing business online. With a good security measures clients trust you, otherwise, it would be very hard to do business online. Therefore, a proper system to prevent the thefts and threats one should take healthy measures to protect his/her website.

Site’s not working properly

Sometime it is found that website does not work properly. It is also an intimation of a threat possibly from competitors or some other threatening aspects working online. To identify the threat and take countermeasure needs some technological backgrounds to confront with the threats. It is better to have a team of countermeasures of web threat to deal with them properly.  


Encryption, an activity to make covert the data or information in to code, can play vital role to secure a site. However, encrypted Web connections (indicated by a padlock icon in the browser) do not ensure that information is held securely. However, making a site secure is a complicated process. If a site operator does not understand the basic concepts of making a site secure, you are unlikely to create a secure site simply by using 'secure' software.

Sporting publications and security threats:

It is important to safeguard the customers and visitors information to stay in business. Otherwise, it is not only hard but impossible to stay online. Therefore, customer integrity should have utmost importance for every online business. For the same sporting publication should also take some serious measures to safeguard their E-Zine online customers, community members and visitors. The only thing which pay online is goodwill, if sporting publications will successful to safeguard their customers data then it will enhance their goodwill as well as revenue, otherwise, it will not work anymore.

Summary of recommendations:

Day-by-day world is becoming more technological and business is becoming virtual. Therefore, the online presence of a business is need of the time. If sporting publications do not go online it will not sustain its presence even in the conventional market. In my opinion and my recommendation is, it is damn important to E-Zine the sporting publication’s magazine. It will not only enhance its subscriptions but also increase its revenue options as discussed above. Therefore, my sincere advice and solemn recommendation is to go online and walk and compete with the world and upcoming trends.

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In the course of transformation from conventional magazine publication to online publication it needs to consider some aspects. Moreover, these aspects need to be analyzed, discussed and decided amicably. Three major aspects that come into the mind while considering the online mode of magazine and these are:

Continue to publish the Cricket Magazine and NOT launch the Cricket E-Zine:

In my opinion continue to publish the cricket magazine is not right decision. As we deliberately discussed the online magazine constituents and other aspects of online business like multi earning option etc. Therefore, postponing or retracting the intentions from launch of cricket E-Zine will be an insufficient decision. Because, world is going to provide value added service to the customers and the conventional service cannot compete with the new innovative, online and value added services. If sporting publishing will not go online, it would ultimately shutdown its business.


The advantages of launching the cricket E-Zine are stay in market and providing value added service to add value in revenues and subscriptions as well. These two advantages are enough to decide to go online. On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages which could be faced by transforming the magazine into E-Zine.


The first disadvantage is E-Zine needs more efforts, more specifically it needs more technical efforts to stay alert every time to safeguard the information and customer’s interests. The second one is constant innovation to compete with the market. The other disadvantage is to constant innovation and up gradation to compete with the market.         

Publishing both the cricket magazine and the cricket E-Zine simultaneously is a good idea. It will cater both market the conventional one and the electronic one. However, it will increase the cost of doing business and needs more resources to with deal it appropriately. Therefore, it should be decided with the careful consideration of resources available. Otherwise, it will put sporting publications into a mess situation.


The first advantage of publishing the magazine in both ways is to cater both markets simultaneously. The second advantage is to increase the profits with appropriate management of both different modes o business. However, it is not too easy to do but not impossible as well.


The two alarming disadvantage are also with the decision of simultaneous pursuance of electronic and conventional magazine activities. The first one is the mess of work, it is better to launch both but if there is short of resources then it should not be persuaded. The mess of work and short of resources can deteriorate the both magazine and E-Zine. The second one is miss management, it is again better if properly managed but if not it would be harmful to the shutdown of business.      

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Cricket E-Zine is must but if publication of the cricket magazine is possible with the careful consideration of all aspects. Then it is beneficial for the sporting publications, because, they can retain their conventional audience with the same conventional services.


The two major advantage of stopping the publication of the cricket magazine are. The team and management can completely concentrate on the cricket E-Zine and they can put all the resources in one direction.


In my opinion the disadvantages of stopping the publication of the cricket magazine are. The conventional audience will be loosed and it is not advices in any case to launch a new mode of cricket magazine “E-Zine” without continuing the previous one. It can loose the current audience. Therefore, it should be a transformational process, though, it is better to retain the conventional mode of magazine.


Hereinafter, analysis of sporting publication’s magazine’s online presence. It can be realized that the revenue opportunities, internet marketing techniques, community option and online threats defined above needs careful consideration. The business persona and internet presence of Cricket E-Zine is need of the time, but, the only thing which needs to be done is traffic diversion to the E-Zine website. Thought, traffic diversion is not hard if the defined internet marketing tools and techniques could be utilized in a right and with a commanding manner. Creating online presence of your business and marketing it is about to conveying your new business methodology to your target market and if business already has a market it can easily progress online.  


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