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Carbon production is one of the most perceived prospects contributing to destruction of the ozone layer that has resulted in green house effect. As a result of this, equitable measures are underway to curb carbon release into the atmosphere. One of the prospectus undertakings is the UK government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC). This study is influential to the present and future states and safeties of the world environment for human and animal living (Respício 2010, p. 456).

There are a number of developmental activities in the UK construction industry that are aimed at impacting on the future requirements of carbon. Carbon reduction targets are set to legally bind emission reduction target of 34% as at 2020. These targets are prospected to bring changes in the construction industry. It is a big challenge to achieve this level of performance considering the present state in which carbon is utilized in the world (Department of Trade and Industry 2007, p. 78).

Sustainability is a prospectus challenge posed in this reduction (Parliament: House of Commons: Environmental Audit Committee 2009, p. 63). The protection of the environment and follow up of sustainable developments are two controversial undertakings as far as human protection is concerned. People are expected to be categorical on certain types of developments which are not destructive to the environment. Technology poses a positive step towards this development (Calvello 2009, p. 56-58). However, it involves breaking down on the natural human resources as carbon utilization.

The growth and reduction counterfeits people’s spending on high profile infrastructure within the next period of four years. Government projects as Thameslink expansion pose serious threat to the environment as far as they are poised to bring new phases of developments in the region. Humanistic ventures as spending in buildings, reduction in housing for non-housing construction, and other infrastructure activities are perceived to receive a major set back due to this commitment. As a matter of fact, every undertaking as regards carbon use is scheduled to benefit human activities in preference of the environment (Schiffman 2011, p. 51).


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