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Decisions based on either high efforts or low efforts vary significantly. As a result, it affects decision-making process in a given organization or individually. In high effort decision-making process, consumers are, in most cases, complex compared to low effort consumers in the same setting. This is because high effort consumers are constantly seeking out some vital information that will enable them to make sound decisions, and to prove what they already believe. High effort client’s attention can be captured through increasing the product or service with loads of positive attributes that will influence them. In addition, high effort clients tend to make purchases after intensive comparison (Hoyer and Deborah 130).

On the other hand, low effort consumers, are the most common consumers because they are heuristic in making decisions.  The low effort clients make quick decisions based on word of mouth, personal encounters in making decisions, and the physical outlook of the product. Low effort clients, in most instances, pay little consideration to messages from advertisements. As a result, they need constant repetition in order to learn the message submissively. It has been known that low effort consumers make decisions founded on price, habit, brand loyalty, and other people experience of using the same service/product (Hoyer and Deborah 131).

In high effort decision-making process, there is the need to emphasize the key aspects that make the product or service unique from those of the rivals. In order to win the high effort consumers, it is important to add those attributes that other products lack. In its turn, it will make the consumers perceive the product or service to have superior quality and appeal in comparison to other products. It will help them to decide easily on their purchases. On the other hand, low effort consumers need simple reason to make a decision and constantly purchase product or service. They need simple market strategies which will make their decisions based on the attributes of the products and services (Hoyer and Deborah 131).


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