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The decline of the middle class has been a contemporary issue in the modern day society. This has been happening in many modern States as the United States of America. This piece of paper explores the reasons behind this decline, with much preference and study given to the nature, duration, history and the various effects of human living which result in this case study. The major part of the group topic being handled is the state of the middle class person in the modern day society, its declining availability and the future state of the class (Leigh 123).

This research is critical for a number of reasons. It acts as an eye opener to many States and individuals in every society on the existing trends of human availability, survival and interaction with one another. The decline has subtle effects on the future existence of a stable human society. Furthermore, this decline greatly affects the manner in which an economy is run in the entire human society. Therefore, this research is to elicit these facets in a due course.

Many controversies exist between the theme of the research and the study. These controversies act as the basis in which a succinct understanding is established between the middle class and the other classes of human living. For more than thirty years, the middle class has faced myriad attacks from the other realms of the society. The consequences of this have resulted in race privileges poised at protection from class wars. For instance, there was a destruction of unions, outsourcing and off-shoring of the job vacancies, stagnation of the middle class incomes, together with the eruption of the 2008 crush, which did a lot of harm to the entire middle class individuals in the United States of America. This controversy eased into the peace and cohesive structures which existed in the society. As the middle class finds its way into a better class of the less elite group, many find themselves in the lower invaluable class.

This is where a war erupts due to the varying preferences and living conditions demanded of every class and union between the middle and lower class or the higher elite class is inevitable considering the many factors and entries required of every individual together with the general nature of the state economic conditions. The 1% keeps on attacking the middle class yet it is upon their right to fight back and reclaim their requisite positions in the looming swap of the economic stabilities. The higher class keeps supporting themselves same to the lower class. At the end of it all, the middle class hangs between the two classes with no certain group to fit well. In due course, the group fades away (Sanders 52).  

An outline of the existing controversy between the various classes of individuals is a subtle entity, which has to be resolved within a short period of time. As indicated in the larger paper, the decline of the middle class assumes a big boost to lose of the state economic conditions. First, it is with certain reasons that the class exists and faces prospects of declination. Second, this decline has been projected to counter on every economic or class performance whether it is positive or negative. Finally, this research, basing on its explorative nature, exemplifies the motives and resultant effects brought about by the entire decline of the middle class individual in the society.


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