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Free «Advertising and newspapers» Essay Sample

CNNMoney is a program that is aired by CNN International that focuses on business, financial and personal finance news. This program handles business news on the international front. Although, the program is informative, it has plenty of advertisements by global multinational companies such as Samsung, Apple, Facebook and AT&T. Most of the advertisements are repeated several times in order to create a brand image in the mind of the viewers (Marlin, 2002). Non-commercial advertisers such as political parties, government agencies, interest groups and non-governmental organizations also engage in advertising in selling their policies.

The main objective of advertising is persuasion. Both commercial and non-commercial advertisers target convincing audiences to buy their products or accept their messages. To achieve this, most advertisements are conducted at specific hours, like during news programs when most viewers are tuned to their television sets. This is intended to reach a wider group of potential consumers. Use of catchy phrases and videos that appeal to viewers is also another persuasion strategy.



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In advertising, objectivity refers to fairness, factuality, neutrality and disinterestedness. Being objective is giving independent facts that are devoid of human judgments, feelings or beliefs (Marlin, 2002). CNNMoney is an objective program because it handles facts about the business environment. It brings business global news and news about major stocks such as NASDAQ, DOW Jones and FTSIE100. Since advertising is an attempt at persuasion, most of them lack objectivity, but CNNMoney is objective despite having several advertisements. This is evident mainly in non-commercial advertisements because the advertiser aims to gain advantage over competitors. Product advertisements are more objective since they are based on research, tests, surveys and consumer panels. Failure to meet objectivity means that the advertiser does not understand the needs, wants and desires of potential clients.

Media ethics refers to ethical principles that apply in the practice of journalism. Since CNNMoney does not advertise products of its own, the program sticks to ethnic principles of journalism. Most commercial advertisements are more ethical than non-commercial advertisements because they are based on market research, while the latter is focused on negative advertisements (Marlin, 2002). Most commercial advertisements are product placements, where products are advertised via entertainment media. This increases the chances of un-regulation, which in turn compromises ethical advertising. The use of strong language and scenes not favorable to younger viewers is another ethical issue facing advertising. CNNMoney is devoid of such language because it is an educative program that is done by professionals and is based on the facts.

Current advertisements in almost all forms of media are full of sensationalism, which attempts to portray products and events in an overhyped manner. Techniques which are used include: appealing to the emotions of viewers, omitting information, exaggeration, and being loud to gain attention (Marlin, 2002). Advertisements that are aired during CCNMoney program have elements of sensationalism whereas they are well designed and appeal to viewers, like the Hyundai advertisements and Facebook’s new mobile application. The advertisements in this program are related to the news because all of them handle business issues such as new products, impacts of the Eurozone debt crisis on business climate and property prices through ads, such as the best places to live in America.

News and advertisements are the primary sources of information; therefore it influences society in many aspects. One way of impact is through television commercials, which influence the decisions and choices that people make. Target advertising is used to influence a particular group of an audience especially young adults and teenagers. Since young adults are more concerned about their appearance, fashion and body size, and have excess income that can be disposed; advertisers exploit this tendency to sell products such as clothing and consumer electronics (Bisani, 2009). Furthermore, advertisers are keen on informing these particular clients about the emergence of new and more superior products. Ultimately these advertisements will influences trends in society when people purchase the products.

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People form their opinions about policies, leaders, issues affecting society and political ideologies through the news they receive through mass media. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook have increased access to news immediately they are released. In the end, their impact on society will become evident as people change their political parties, form different opinions about issues, and this will in the end affect how the society operates. Although news broadcast attempt to be objective, bias and judgments find its way into news (Bisani, 2009). People tend to believe the news they hear most of the time, and in the end they accept them as the truth.

Certain cultures are the products of creative advertisements, which are available easily through the web. The media industry employs thousands and drives the economy in various ways. It is also a source of entertainment to various groups (Bisani, 2009). These influences are long term and cannot be discounted.

Advertisement is also the cause for the deterioration of relationships between children and their parents, and unhealthy lifestyles. Most children spend most of their time watching television and browsing the web, which in turn results into exposure to excess advertisements. The consumption of junk food among adolescents is due to these advertisements, and since their parents are busy they give them sufficient cash to buy such foods.

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Negative impacts of advertisement receive more attention than its positive impacts. Advertisements have been used as a strong tool for bringing people together in fighting societal ills such as disease, poverty and crime (Bisani, 2009). Advertisements are also used to draw people to humanitarian contributions in times of disasters, for example, in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. The strength and power of advertising may not change the society immediately, but it changes slowly and as a result, it will bring the society under its strong influence.


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