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The well-known issue nowadays is that job standards or requirements change, either becoming higher or lower. In respect to change of the technical, strategic, clerical and other factors in different fields, broader and deeper knowledge becomes necessary. It must be understood that changing of the skill requirements begins with the need for informal training to meet new job requirements (Carnevale, 1993). Standards in the workplace become higher when graduates or new employees/workers, who have had higher formal training, get jobs; hence, the standards in the system, operations and job requirements become higher. When more skilled workers get into a particular field, the system develops. Thus, only highly qualified workers are able to cope with the development in a particular area. Another common reason for changing of the job requirements consists in changing of the technology, which in turn changes the skills required to do the specific job (DelPo & Guerin, 2011). Modern technology requires modern skills and knowledge.

Nevertheless, any person, who pursues a particular job, and finds out that its requirements or standards have become higher, should not be too discouraged to go on pursuing it. According to Cyert and Mowery (1987), education and training that improve skills of workers contribute to competitiveness and higher living standards. The statement suggests, that education plays an important role in reaching higher development of living, and perhaps, working. Thus, to relate this statement, the person, who is seeking for the right response to changes in job requirements or standards should pursue deeper study or improvement of skills, which are necessary to his/her job and further career. It could be formal or informal, but the important thing is the effort to meet the requirements. The key response is the development of more professional skills, so that one will be perfectly qualified despite any change in job standards or requirements.


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