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“As a teenager, self-esteem plays a big role in their ability to perform in school," said James Majors, a child psychologist in private practice. The school is one of the many factors which may help students develop their self-esteem. Many students excel and learn best if they have their self-confidence to express their own selves. However, many children have no progress when they are ashamed to get out from their own shells. Jean Hawkins, a retired University of Illinois sociology professor, further added that boys and girls acquire more learning when they are with their co-gender and not mixed with the other gender.

During the 90s, same-sex public schools were very few in number. In Philadelphia, for example, the government was very active in supporting this kind of school model since there were already four chief schools and it was planning to have two additional. Moreover, New York City has nine same-gender public schools which have functioned for many years. From the year 1995 to October 25, 1996, a number of same-sex public schools had tremendously increased across the nation from 3 to 241 learning institutions, but only approximately 0.3% of total public schools all over the country. Such a gradual increase started as an experiment to bar sex discrimination in education. Probably this experiment will continue until it becomes a theory and finally converts to a living principle.

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Everybody deserves high quality education to become a globally-competitive individual. However, this could not be met if Gender-fairness is violated in a classroom. Usually, this happened in an institution where both boys and girls were mixed together. Providing same-sex public schools by government is a great advantage especially to students who have varying interests in education, life status, attitude, behavior, values, and culture, although segregation is not acceptable in the milieu of competition. Moreover, it is believed that boys and girls learn better when separated. As a proof, the prisoners in a jail rehabilitate faster when housed separately (Hawkins n.pag.).

The reasons of why I support government in providing same-sex public schools are the following. Firstly, boys and girls have unequal capacity to absorb new information and get knowledge. Researchers find out that boy and girls vary with their interest in subjects. For instance, girls were good in language and speech while boys were aces in numbers. Through same-sex education, the chance to fill the gender gaps between them will be achieved (Caroll n.pag.). Second of all, girls have different interests in their way of living and have different views on many things. Their presence in the classrooms would temper boys’ rough behavior which will result to chaos if not properly attended by teachers. Thirdly, the value of Gender-Fairness is usually abused. Some observations have shown that teachers are giving more helpful kinds of attention to boys than to girls but being unaware of their behavior.

All in all, men need to be well-rounded men, and women, to be well-versed women who will nourish their offspring from the time they decided to have their own family-living and this can be facilitated through providing same-sex public teaching.


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