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Free «Idioms about Space Exploration» Essay Sample

The following are the idioms – along with their meaning in relation to space– included in the story Beyond the Moon, and some that are just about space exploration: “probe the planets” means to investigate the planets; “lie beyond Earth” means something that is outside Earth’s boundary; “life forms on Mars” means something that has capability of existence; “photograph the planets and their moons” means to take a look at or have a view of them; “analyze atmosphere and soil” simply means to examine the atmosphere and soil; “inquiry” means research into something; “inevitable” means that it will certainly come to pass; “controversial” means something that is capable of bringing up an argument; “explore the cosmos” simply points out to searching through the universe; “immensity of space” means an unusual greatness in size; “invaluable” means priceless and of infinite value; “infinite knowledge” means something that is boundless, having no limits; “hope to ascertain” means to discover with certainty; “invisible to the naked eye” means something that is too far to be seen by the human sight; “surface is a barren desert” meaning the land of the planet is dry and has no life at all; “like a billiard ball” means the shape of the planet is almost a perfect sphere; “tearing around the planet” means passing or travelling around the planet; “the red planet” simply points to the planet Mars; “trapped by the planet’s gravity” means not getting away from its orbit path around the planet; “caught in a tug of war” means being in between the gravity of a planet and another fellow moon.


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